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George Bush Endorses Mitt Romney

George Bush Endorses Mitt Romney

Just when you thought the endorsement of washed-up occasional rocker, Ted Nugent, wasn’t exactly going to catapult a plurality of American voters into the arms of Mitt Romney, Romney recently secured the endorsement of ex-destroyer-of-everything George W. Bush. Perhaps it was the sadistic over-privileged schoolboy duty that begetted the endorsement? Or maybe one unemployed destructive rich guy helping out another unemployed destructive rich guy?

The controversial ex-president who helped bring the world economy to its knees and gave Barack Obama a big enough mess to make the presidency a permanent spot on Dirty Jobs, wasn’t exactly convincing in his endorsement of Romney, however.

“I’m for Mitt Romney,” he said to ABC News as an elevator closed on him following a speech in Washington, D.C. (Source: Huff Po)

Not quite an outpouring of emotion for a candidate who pledges to have the same economic policies of former president Bush, only slightly worse if that’s believable.

President Bush’s tepid endorsement pales in comparison to the more voluble support Willard has received from Bush’s father, mother and brother. For a man who spent eight long years making plenty of noise, former President Bush has been barely reticent during the Obama presidency. With the exception of a few media appearances as part of his book tour and a few critical rumbles every now and then, Bush has mostly remained neutral or absent on some of the more pressing issues during Obama’s tenure. One might conclude that he’s had a lot brush to clear or, and more likely, he realizes that he’s still very much a liability his party. The Associated Press appears to agree with that very notion.

While largely unspoken, both sides acknowledge that Republicans would be best served by not reminding voters of the Bush legacy of gaping budget deficits, two wars and record low approval ratings. His eight-year presidency has merited no more than a fleeting reference from Romney and his rivals in debates, campaign stops and interviews. (Source: Huff Po)

Considering that a majority of Americans still blame Bush for the abysmal economy, it’s probably best that W stick to cleaning up Barney’s mess in private while Obama tries to clean up Bush’s mess in public.

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