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Jon Stewart Slams Roger Ailes And Fox News, Rips Republicans For Demonizing Socialism (VIDEO)

After a two week break The Daily Show returned with a new episode last night, and as usual, Jon Stewart was at the top of his game.

Stewart dedicated the first segment of his show to taking on Roger Ailes and Fox News and slamming Republicans for constantly demonizing socialism, while supporting some socialist programs themselves. The segment was a response to Aile’s claim that Stewart once told him that he’s a socialist.

Stewart didn’t deny the claim, but asked why Ailes hadn’t admitted what he told Stewart that night, leading to a humorous flashback of his own- meeting Ailes at a club called the Spank Lounge.

“Did I ever tell you that I, Roger Ailes, plan to undermine the role of an independent press by constantly whining that any reportage that deviates from a staunch conservative narrative is biased, while at the same time filling the editorial vacuum that that creates by building a conservative propaganda juggernaut under the guise of a news organization,” Stewart quipped. “And he said to me, he goes, ‘Jon, I’m going to call the organization Fox News and its tagline will be, you’re going to love this, a fanatically micromanaged media fiefdom where my own far right agenda and personal sense of victimhood drive every aspect of the operation — and balanced.’

Stewart then explained why he called himself a socialist, saying that he doesn’t support government owning the means of production and collectivizing farms, but does support socialist programs that help people such as Medicare. He then went on to slam Republicans like Mitt Romney for taking credit for the socialist takeover and saving of the auto industry and for supporting Social Security. At the end of the segment, Stewart showed a clip of Republican Rep. Virginia Foxx praising the NFL before showing a report about the football league sharing revenues amongst all the teams and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell admitting that the revenue sharing system is a form of socialism that has worked very well. Considering the NFL is the most popular sports league in America and the richest, I’d say Goodell is right.

Stewart was definitely smart to point that out.

Here’s the video via The Daily Show:

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