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MSNBC Host Tamron Hall Throws Conservative Weasel Tim Carney Off The Air (VIDEO)

MSNBC Host Tamron Hall Throws Conservative Weasel Tim Carney Off The Air (VIDEO)

Ah, sweet music to my ears. Nothing makes me happier than seeing the media doing its job, specifically, calling politicians and other pundits on their bullshit. Such was the case today when Tamron Hall had columnist Tim Carney’s microphone cut and tossed him off her show for being an evasive weasel.

Here’s the video:

I just love right the wing media. They have absolutely no sense of shame whatsoever. It was a huge deal that President Obama ate dog meat when he was a child in a country where it’s perfectly normal to do so. It was huge deal that he smoked pot in college for a while when it was (and still is) perfectly normal for college students to do so. It was huge deal that he hugged one of his professors that protested against racism. All these things were newsworthy “scandals” to the right. The fact that they failed to gain any traction is irrelevant, the right breathlessly reported on these things despite the fact that they were trivial in nature.

On the other hand, when a high school student rounds up a group of other bullies, holds a younger and smaller kid down and terrorizes him by cutting his hair off while he’s screaming and crying, that speaks directly to the character of the person involved. The lack of empathy required to do something of this nature is severe. Little children pull the wings off of flies because they don’t know any better. Teenagers that still engage in that kind of cruelty have something wrong with them on a deep level.

Is it any wonder that Carney tried to play the “liberal media” card? The right cannot allow this story to gain traction. Period. Nobody likes a bully, even other bullies. Carney was absolutely right (from his perspective at least) to try and spin this into a “gotcha journalism” moment. Good thing Hall stopped him cold and treated him like the shill he is.

Pay attention you so-called “liberal” media. That’s how you deal with liars and weasels.

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