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Florida Gov. Assures Romney It’s ‘Full Speed Ahead’ for GOP Convention

Florida Gov. Rick Scott today sought to calm fears about a possible hurricane threatening to close down the Republican National Convention next week in Tampa, Fla., telling reporters this afternoon, “Right now, there is not any anticipation there will be a cancellation.”

Scott, a Republican, said it is “still too early” to know exactly where Tropical Storm Isaac, which is expected to intensify into a hurricane on Friday, will hit Florida and, thus, too early to make evacuation plans, or postpone or call off the convention.

“If you look at the projected path, it looks like we’ll have some wind and some rain,” Scott said.”But we are going to have a great convention. We look forward to the delegates coming and we’re going to keep them safe.”

Scott said he personally spoke with likely GOP nominee Mitt Romney about Florida’s storm preparations.

“I gave him assurance that this is a state that has dealt with hurricanes in the past and we are ready if that happens; but again, hopefully that doesn’t happen,” Scott said. “The nice thing would be is if it turns into a nice little rainstorm. That would be nice.”

Source: ABC News

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