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NYPD To Subpoena Twitter Over Theater Threat

The NYPD says it plans to subpoena Twitter to reveal the identity of a user who claimed on the social networking site to be planning an attack on a Broadway theater.
“We take the threat seriously, especially in light of recent attacks in Wisconsin and Colorado,” said Deputy Police Commissioner Paul Browne.
Police requested the information from Twitter on Saturday, but were turned down, Browne said.
Twitter did not respond to multiple CNN requests for comment.
Authorities say the user apparently posted a threat about an attack at the Longacre Theater in midtown Manhattan, where Mike Tyson, 46, is currently performing his one-man show, “Mike Tyson: Undisputed Truth,” a Broadway production that centers on the former boxing champion’s well-publicized life.
Authorities would not disclose additional information about the perceived threat, but have bolstered security at the theater, as well as other public areas across New York in the wake of two deadly shootings in Colorado and Wisconsin.

Source: CNN

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