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Bill Maher And Chris Matthews Fight With Conservative Guest Over Why GOP Hates Obama

Bill Maher and Chris Matthews squared off with conservative radio host Roger Hedgecock on Real Time tonight over the Republicans’ economic policies and why they hate Obama. Matthews told Hedgecock that most of the economic criticisms have not-too-subtle racial implications, trying to get him to admit that he and his fellow conservatives just have a blanket hatred of Obama.

Maher said that no matter who the Republicans nominated for president, they would have been as weak as Romney, despite criticisms from the right that Romney’s campaign has been especially bad. Maher argued the Republicans are in trouble because they just don’t have any “new ideas.” Time editor Rana Foroohar said that the Republicans are not presenting any coherent policies.

And as for the infamous “47 percent” video, Maher found it unbelievable that one person was telling Romney he should be proud to be incredibly wealthy. Hedgecock countered by saying that there’s another school of thought in the United States that bashes success, which Maher referred to as a “strawman” argument. Matthews slammed Romney for believing that wealth means success, and said the “focus on money” is Romney’s main problem.


Source: Mediaite

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Here’s the full episode you’ll find the video clip at (14:20):


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