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Fmr. Bush Strategist Calls Out Paul Ryan Over Convention Speech Lies

Matthew Dowd, President George W. Bush’s former chief strategist, on Sunday said that Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan “so stretched the truth” during his convention speech by suggesting that President Barack Obama was responsible for a GM plant that closed before he took office.

During a panel segment on ABC’s This Week, senior Romney campaign adviser Kerry Healey noted that the false claim that Obama gutted the work requirement in welfare reform had “become so central to this race.”

“What we’ve seen is that a unilateral action by the Obama administration saying, ‘We don’t feel that we need to enforce these anymore, we will release the states from enforcing the work requirement,’” she insisted. “And you can make the argument — and I’m sure some people are spoiling to do that — that isn’t actually abandoning the core of the legislation, but it is.”

Former White House deputy press secretary Bill Burton shot back that Healey’s assertion had been “widely debunked.”

Source: Raw Story

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