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Hurricane Sandy Death Toll Tops 50 in U.S.

Hurricane Sandy Death Toll Tops 50 in U.S.

The death toll from Hurricane Sandy climbed to at least 50 in the U.S. early Wednesday morning, with at least 22 of those deaths occurring in New York City—and although the storm weakened as it moved inland, blizzard warnings were still in effect for parts of Virginia. While New York and New Jersey dried out from the storm, Sandy hit the mountains of West Virginia and North Carolina, bringing a record 14-16 inches of snow to the Tennessee-North Carolina border. Around 22 percent of New York City still had no power by Wednesday morning, and an estimated 90 percent of Long Island were in the dark.

A weakening Sandy, the hurricane turned fearsome superstorm, killed at least 50 people, many hit by falling trees, and still wasn’t finished. It inched inland across Pennsylvania, ready to bank toward western New York to dump more of its water and likely cause more havoc Tuesday night.

More than 8.2 million households were without power in 17 states as far west as Michigan. Nearly 2 million of those were in New York, where large swaths of lower Manhattan lost electricity and entire streets ended up under water — as did seven subway tunnels between Manhattan and Brooklyn at one point, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority said.

Source: Associated Press


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