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Mitt Romney Says He Won’t Push To Restrict Abortion; Campaign Walks Back Comments Two Hours Later

OOPS.Romney Campaign Walks Back Mitt’s Surprise Abortion Comments, 2 Hours Later

The Romney campaign walked back the remark within two hours of the Register posting its story. Spokeswoman Andrea Saul told the National Review Online’s Katrina Trinko that Romney “would of course support legislation aimed at providing greater protections for life.”

UPDATE: 8:50 p.m. — The Obama campaign responded later Tuesday, asking whether Romney had lied to the Register about his plans.

“It’s troubling that Mitt Romney is so willing to play politics with such important issues,” Obama campaign spokeswoman Lis Smith said in a statement. “But we know the truth about where he stands on a woman’s right to choose – he’s said he’d be delighted to sign a bill banning all abortions, and called Roe v. Wade ‘one of the darkest moments in Supreme Court history’ while pledging to appoint Supreme Court justices who will overturn it. Women simply can’t trust him.”

Source: huffingtonpost.com

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