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Obama to Leave Hawaiian Vacation Early to Work on Fiscal Deal



Obama to Leave Hawaiian Vacation Early to Work on Fiscal Dealcheap viagra pillsull wp-image-13741″ />
President Obama is planning to cut his Christmas vacation short and return to Washington to make a last-ditch push for a compromise on a tax and spending dispute that remains stubbornly unresolved.

The White House said Tuesday that the president would leave Wednesday night. His family, however, will stay behind in Hawaii.

Meanwhile, both chambers of Congress will come back from their holiday hiatus on Thursday and return to work. While there are growing signs that some members of both parties are prepared to accept a deal that raises taxes on people at the highest income levels, there is considerable distance between Republicans and Democrats and no guarantee that an agreement could pass.

The president and Congress left Washington late last week after House Republicans rejected a plan that would have left tax rates in place for all but those with incomes above $1 million.

Source: NYT

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