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Ikea Finds Horse Meat In Russian Hotdogs

It’s another case of horse meat being found in products that are not supposed to contain it.
Furniture giant Ikea said Thursday it pulled hotdogs from its stores in Russia after tests revealed they contained rogue horse meat.
Dozens of processed meat products have been pulled by European suppliers, retailers and food outlets in the past several weeks after the discovery of unauthorized horse meat in them.
Ikea said in a statement Thursday it had undertaken wide-scale testing of its meat products from different suppliers in all its markets.
“The vast majority of these tests show no indication of horse meat. However, there are also a few tests that do. In those cases we remove the product from sales,” the company said.
“IKEA Group is committed to serving and selling high quality food that is safe, healthy and produced with care for the environment.”
The test result from Russia concerns locally produced hotdogs and only affects the Russian market, Ikea said.
The alert over the hotdogs has added to what has been a difficult couple of weeks for Ikea.


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