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Anthony Weiner Inches Towards Mayoral Bid With Television Interview

In his first television appearance since a social media-induced scandal torpedoed his political career two years ago, a contrite Anthony Weiner began to describe what life may be like under a theoretical Weiner Administration.

In particular, during the taped NY1 interview with Errol Louis, Mr. Weiner staked out several policy positions and offered criticism of the Democratic campaign primary thus far, edging closer to a mayoral bid that, based on the tone of the interview, appeared more likely.

“I got to do it soon. I mean, I’m starting the process and people are inviting me to come things and to talk to them about issues and I’m going to look for opportunities to talk about things as I move forward,” Mr. Weiner said, responding to a question about when he would officially launch a mayoral campaign. “I’ll tell you one thing for sure, I want to be a part of the ideas primary, that’s for sure. That primary I want to do very well in.”

Mr. Weiner has emphasized his interest in “the ideas primary” in other ways recently too. Earlier today, Mr. Weiner produced a policy booklet, for instance. In his interview tonight, Mr. Weiner delved deeper into hot-button policy issues, including stop-and-frisk and a proposed inspector general for the city’s police department. Interestingly, while critiquing how stop-and-frisk is executed, Mr. Weiner expressed his general support for the controversial anti-crime policy, placing him to the right of many of his potential competitors.

Source: Politicker

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