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Dutch Suspect Sven Olaf Kamphuis Arrested For Biggest Cyber Attack In Internet History

The suspect, believed to be Dutchman Sven Olaf Kamphuis, has been arrested in Barcelona in relation to the cyber-attack on Spamhaus, which has been called the biggest in the history of the internet.

Authorities have only addressed the 35-year-old suspect as SK; however, IBTimes UK understands the suspect in custody is Sven Olaf Kamphuis who is affliiated with Stophaus, a group whose goal it is to shut down the anti-spam Spamhaus operation.

The distributed-denial-of-service (DDoS) attack, which took place over several days towards the end of March, was called the largest in internet history and hyperbolically compared to a nuclear bomb going off, by the company helping defend against the attack.

International Business Times

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