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Poll Numbers Slide For Senators Who Voted No On Background Checks – VIDEO

New polls from several states show a dip in approval ratings for several senators who helped kill the bill that would have expanded background checks for gun buyers. In its latest survey, Public Policy Polling shows a dramatic dip in approval numbers for five senators in Alaska, Arizona, Nevada, and Ohio, and participating voters have stated they are less likely to support them the next time the lawmakers are up for re-election.
The poll now shows that Arizona Senator Jeff Flake is the least liked senator in office with an approval rating of 32% and a disapproval rating of 51%. Of Arizona voters, 52% told PPP that they are less likely to support Flake for re-election due to his background check vote. In a state where 70% of Arizona votes support background checks, Sen. Flake turned against the efforts of his former congressional colleague, Gabby Giffords, who lobbied Flake to vote on behalf of their Arizona constituents. Flake also turned his back on the mother of an Aurora, Colo., shooting victim by telling her he supported strengthening background checks, then voted against it.
Flake responded to the recent poll by telling voters to take the polling results with a grain of salt. “If we believed PPP polls,” Flake told The Daily Caller’s Matt Lewis, ”I wouldn’t be here at all.”
Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski also lost support from her voters in a state where 60% of voters support background checks. The Republican senator’s rating went down from PPP’s last poll in February that showed a 54% approval rating and a 33% disapproval rating for Murkowski. Now, 46% of voters approve and 41% of voters disapprove of her.
Her Alaskan Democratic colleague, Mark Begich, held a 49% approval rating in February but is now down at 41% approval following the the background check vote. While his popularity has heavily declined with Democrats–a 76% approval rating now has gone down to a 59% approval rating — and with independents (from 54% dipping to 43%).
Of Alaskan voters, 39% say they will most likely not vote for either Begich and Murkowski in their next elections, based on their vote against the background check bill. Begich faces a challenging road to re-election in 2014, and Murkowski will seek re-election in 2016.
These five senators were among the 46 senators who voted against a background check bill that would have required background checks for all gun sales, including over Internet and at gun shows.

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