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Poll: Only Politicians And The Media Care About Gun Control And Immigration

Judging from the tone of the conversation in the media and inside the Beltway surrounding efforts to enact comprehensive immigration reform and stricter gun laws, one could be forgiven for assuming that either of these issues were legislative priority for Americans. Multiple polls have confirmed, however, that they are not. The latest, a Gallup poll, shows that only 4 percent of Americans view guns or gun control or immigration reform as a priority for lawmakers.

A Gallup poll of 1,005 adults, taken from April 4 – 7, shows that Americans’ top priorities remain the economy and unemployment. Essentially unchanged from February, 24 percent of Americans rate the “economy in general” as their top priority. This is followed closely by unemployment, which 18 percent of Americans rate as the “most important problem facing the country.” That has increased from 16 percent in March, possibly as a result of the lackluster jobs report that month which showed the economy adding only 88,000 new jobs and nearly half a million Americans leaving the workforce.

“Dissatisfaction with government” and the federal debt and deficit follow as issues Americans think are the most important. Healthcare and “ethical/moral/family decline” rank highly on Americans’ list of priorities as well. Tied with “education” and the crisis on the Korean peninsula are guns and immigration on list of public legislative priorities.

Poll Only Politicians And The Media Care About Gun Control And Immigration


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