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Scarborough Trashes Dems: ‘Saluted Me’ For Taking On NRA, But Lacked ‘Moral Courage’ To Tackle Hollywood

While Joe Scarborough has recently been challenging his own party when it comes to gun control, on Wednesday, he took a look at the other side of the political spectrum. While Democrats have lauded him for taking on his “friends,” he asserted, they’ve been unwilling to do the same and take on Hollywood and violence in pop culture. They simply haven’t had the guts to do it.

The panel segued into the discussion when Kelly O’Donnell noted that there’s been relatively less attention devoted to the other aspects of curbing gun violence — such as mental health and school safety. But violent culture isn’t a topic that’s easy to legislate.

And thus Scarborough jumped in to note that he’s been more than happy to talk to his “Republican friends,” but the Democrats could use a talk, too. “They have saluted me for having the courage to take on my friends at the NRA and my friends on the right,” he argued. “Why don’t you say something to Hollywood? Why don’t you say something to people making billions of dollars making video games where you shoot down, you murder, you maul a thousand people a day?”

“Democrats have had a blind spot here,” Scarborough further added. “They have lacked the moral courage to take on Hollywood. They need to do it. This debate is not over.”

The mental health aspect “has far-reaching import,” Michael Steele agreed, and beyond just guns. In which case, he added, it’ll become increasingly important to tackle.

Among guns, video games, and mental health, Scarborough argued, guns are the least important in terms of reducing gun violence. “The guns have always been out there.”

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