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Morning Joe Guest: Obama’s ‘Jihad Against The Press’ Will Lead To More ‘Dumb Wars’

National Journal’s Ron Fournier joined Morning Joe on Thursday, where the panel continued to discuss the trio of controversies facing the Obama administration. In particular, there’s been much outrage among the show’s hosts and guests over the Justice Department’s snooping on the Associated Press and Fox News’ James Rosen. Fournier, too, was critical — positing that this “jihad” would lead to more “dumb wars.”

The AP and Fox News go “to the heart of the administration,” Joe Scarborough stated. Fournier agreed, arguing that “you can’t make journalism a conspiracy” — and lamenting that their actions are already affecting reporters’ ability to get information from sources.

The press has “gotten a lot of criticism for laying down on Iraq and not exposing earlier the lies and deceptions on Iraq,” Fournier recalled. “That wasn’t because the press corps is conservative — you know, generally the opposite is true. It’s not that the press corps is for war. The problem there was it’s awfully hard to do this kind of reporting. It’s a tight-knit community. The irony here is that President Obama, by raising jihad against the press, has now made it more likely we will have what he called dumb wars.”

Lisa Myers agreed and pointed out that she’s experienced how people are much more cautious. “They don’t want to have a trail of contact,” she explained. “So it is having an effect.”


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