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‘Take My Face Off Your T!’ Rihanna’s $5 Million Lawsuit

'Take My Face Off Your T!' Rihanna's $5 Million Lawsuit...

Rihanna is reportedly suing British fashion retail chain Topshop for $5 million dollars … over a T-shirt. A top bearing Rihanna’s gorgeous mug is being sold in the United Kingdom without her consent, and despite eight months of negotiations, Topshopa apparently has refused to stop selling the shirt. Unfortunately for Rihanna, companies in the U.K. can buy a photo from the photographer who owns the rights to the image without actually having to pay any licensing fees to a depicted celebrity. As we all know, only Rihanna can bombard the world with her likeness, so she’s supposedly hired an international law firm to file the lawsuit in London, even though Topshop appears to be following U.K. law.


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