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Gap Ad Featuring an Indian Model Goes Viral After Racist Vandalism

Gap Ad Featuring an Indian Model Goes Viral After Racist Vandalism

A Gap ad featuring a Sikh model went viral after being vandalized with racist comments. The company reacted admirably, but the incident proves our society is still divided.

You would expect New York City—one of the nation’s most diverse cities, in which more than a third of its 8 million residents are born in a foreign country—to be a haven for tolerance. But, a recent incident of subway graffiti would indicate otherwise.

On Sunday, as I was monitoring my social media feeds, I noticed a striking photograph of a Gap Inc. subway clothing advertisement taken by a friend and NYC photographer, Robert Gerhardt, which he took on the “downtown platform on the 6 train at the Buhre Avenue stop in the Pelham Bay section of the Bronx” in New York City just a few days prior.

The Gap subway clothing advertisement in question depicted a turbaned Indian Sikh-American, Waris Ahluwahlia, an actor and fashion designer, next to a female model with the caption “Make Love.” followed by the Gap logo.

Some racist idiots decided to scratch out “Make Love” and replace it with “Make Bombs.” Another genius decided to use a black Sharpie to write “Please stop driving taxis” under the advertisement’s caption, as well.

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