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[VIDEO] ROB FORD admits to buying illegal drugs – Toronto City Council Grills Crack Smoking, Drug User & Alcoholic

Toronto’s City Council on Wednesday afternoon voted 37-5 to ask Mayor Rob Ford to take a leave of absence. The vote comes more than a week after Ford admitted to smoking crack cocaine.

Rob Ford Admits Buying Illegal Drugs at City Council Today.

Toronto Councilman Doug Ford defends his brother Rob Ford on CNN: “He’s working out he even went downstairs on his break.”

On the Floor Today Here are the highlights of the Toronto City Council

Rob Ford debate high/lowlights

• Councillor Minnan-Wong says Ford physically stood in his way “in a threatening way” during debate
• Minnan-Wong to Ford: “have you purchased illegal drugs in the last two years? Ford: “Yes, I have”
• Council erupts into screaming match, Ford leaves debate
• The information was passed on to police
• Thirty out of 44 city councillors sign open letter asking Mayor Ford to take a leave of absence
• Mayor Ford denies he has an addition problem with drugs and alcohol, or associates with gangs
• Lying is part of an addicts life”: Giorgio Mammoliti reacts to Ford’s claim that he doesn’t have an addiction to drugs or alcohol
• Mayor, as chief magistrate, repeatedly claims his lawyer has advised him not to speak to police
Ford: ‘I am a positive role model’



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