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Obamacare website improved but not perfect as administration reaches deadline

The Obama administration reached its self-imposed deadline Saturday to repair the malfunctioning HealthCare.gov site, showing progress but far from total success.

The site was clearly better, with improved load times, greater server capacity and a seemingly lower error rate.
But nobody, including the administration, was claiming anything close to flawless performance after a disastrous Oct. 1 rollout that has badly hurt President Obama’s approval ratings.

The stated goal for Saturday was to improve the site so 50,000 users could be on simultaneously, with as many as 800,000 able to visit during a 24-hour period.

To achieve that — or at least get close to it — the site was taken down by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services for 11 hours overnight Friday for maintenance.

A standard four-hour maintenance period was scheduled for late Saturday night into early Sunday morning — a clear indication hardware and software were still needed.


We notice slow loading on the ACA website. We bloggers here checked it out, and this image on the Obamacare website is about 274 KB
obamacare ACA

Why not save it as a optimised JPG then it can be only 34 KB or less if you try a little? When you add up millions of hits that’s a lot of extra bandwidth and resources wasted. Hey CGI, SMS or whom ever makes this website website for Obama. You suck go bankrupt jerks.


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