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‘It’s Dinnertime, You Sick F*cks!’ Daily Show Celeb Nude Photo Hacking [VIDEO]

‘It’s Dinnertime, You Sick Fucks!’ The Daily Show Tackles Celeb Nude Photo Hacking [VIDEO]

Jon Stewart took on the celebrity nude photo hacking and (with the help of a Disney graphic that will ruin your childhood) mocked all the people saying these celebrities should just not have taken the photos in the first place.

Stewart mockingly asked, “Yes, why?! Why would a human being want to look at another human being’s naked body? It makes no sense? And why would people want to touch other people where they go to the bathroom?!”

Correspondent Jordan Klepper then came on, completely naked, to explain he’s just given up and is giving the hackers what they want. He shouted, “Dinnertime, you sick fucks!” Stewart did then have to explain to him that absolutely no one wants his naked photos in the first place.

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