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Watch Hillary Clinton Interview With Andrea Mitchel [VIDEO]

Hillary Clinton sat down with veteran NBC News correspondent Andrea Mitchell on Friday for the third national interview of her presidential campaign.

Clinton: Trump is the candidate of ‘being against’ people

Andrea Mitchell talks to Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton about Republican opponent Donald Trump’s campaign, including his recent attacks on close Clinton aide Huma Abedin.

Clinton on using a private server: ‘I’m sorry that this has been confusing’

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton tells Andrea Mitchell that she is confident all work-related emails from her private account are in the system of the State Department.

Clinton on email: ‘It would’ve been better to have two separate accounts’

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton sits down with Andrea Mitchell to explain her use of a private email server, the possibility of Vice President Joe Biden’s campaign, attacks from Donald Trump on her and her staff, and more.


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