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Ahmad Khan Rahami Sought in NYC Area Bombings

Ahmad Khan Rahami Sought in NYC Area Bombings
The FBI announced it is searching for Ahmad Khan Rahami, 28, of New Jersey in connection with a bombing in Manhattan on Saturday night. The FBI reportedly executed a search warrant in Elizabeth, New Jersey, where Rahami was believed to be living. Rahami was born in Afghanistan in 1988 and is a U.S. citizen. “Should be considered armed and dangerous,” the FBI said in a bulletin.
Rahami was announced as a person of interest hours after pipe bombs were found resting in a garbage can at near a train station in Elizabeth on Sunday night. On Saturday morning, pipe bombs in a trash can in Seaside Park, New Jersey, exploded along the route of a Marine Corps 5K charity run. Hours later, one pressure-cooker bomb exploded in Manhattan’s Chelsea neighborhood, injuring 29. A second pressure-cooker device was found unexploded five blocks away. Authorities reportedly suspect a connection between the New Jersey and New York bombs but have not been able to establish one.

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