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Bob Corker Slams Trump as an ‘Utterly Untruthful President’ [VIDEO]


Trump-Corker feud explodes on Capital Hill, as Corker went on TV and told us what he really feels about Trump, as an ‘Utterly Untruthful President’. Tennessee Senator Bob Corker has unleashed a blistering attack on US President Donald Trump, calling the president “utterly untruthful”. In a series of television interviews, Mr Corker accused the...
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GOP Sen. Bob Corker: Trump Is Threatening World War III


Sen. Bob Corker (R-Tenn.) is worried that President Trump’s threats against leaders of other countries could put the United States “on the path to World War III,” he told The New York Times Sunday. Corker, chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, said Trump treats the presidency like a “reality show” and acts “like...
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Corker: Trump Hasn’t Shown Stability Or Competence To Be Successful


Sen. Bob Corker slammed President Donald Trump’s handling of the racially motivated protests in Charlottesville, Virginia, charging that the President “has not demonstrated he understands the character of this nation.” The Tennessee Republican told reporters in Chattanooga, Tennessee, on Thursday that he thinks there must be “radical changes” within the White House. “The President...
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[VIDEO] The Federal Government Opens Up For Business – Welcome Back Corker!


The federal government blinked back to life Thursday, hours after Congress swerved at the last minute to dodge a threatened economic catastrophe and ended a 16-day standoff that left Republicans with little to show for the fight. Hundreds of thousands of furloughed workers were ordered back on the job. At the Capitol, where two...
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Senator Bob Corker: Arsehole of the Day


Sen. Bob Corker expressed utter disappointment in the president’s handling of Syria and, in unusually frank terms, questioned his abilities as commander in chief. “The president just seems to be very uncomfortable being commander in chief of this nation,” an exasperated Corker said Wednesday in an interview on Capitol Hill. Very uncomfortable being commander...
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Trump Called Multiple GOP Senators About Russia Probe


President Donald Trump privately vented his frustration over Russia-related matters with at least two other Republican senators this month, according to people familiar with the conversations — in addition to the president’s public admonishments of Mitch McConnell, John McCain, and Jeff Flake. Trump expressed frustration over a bipartisan bill sanctioning Russia and tried to...
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Protests Around the Country Against Trump’s Muslim Ban


On Friday, Mr. Trump signed an executive order on Friday to authorize a travel ban on citizens from Syria, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen, all Muslim-majority countries. The effects have caused an uproar in the U.S. and abroad. Here’s your list of all the protests happening against the Muslim Ban Trump issued...
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