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[VIDEO] Full Interview with Elizabeth Warren Live on the Daily Show


  Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Elizabeth Warren is the junior Democratic senator from Massachusetts and the former Special Advisor for the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. She served as Chair of the Congressional Oversight Panel in the wake of the 2008-11 financial crisis. Warren, an attorney, received her law degree from...
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White House Sending VP Joe Biden to Ukraine – Watch Live

Biden to 'Mitt Romney wants you to show your papers, but he won't show us his'

  The White House is sending Vice President Joe Biden to Ukraine for talks with the acting president and prime minister. A White House statement says Biden will leave Washington Monday to discuss the international community’s efforts to help Ukraine move forward on constitutional reform and for what the Obama administration says will be...
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Rapper Severs Own Penis, Jumps off Building & Survives!

severed penis dude

Wu-Tang associated rapper Andre Johnson severed his penis and jumped from a Los Angeles apartment building Wednesday. Johnson was seriously injured, but survived the fall from the second level of the building. Johnson, along with his recovered penis (or should we say ‘johnson’), were taken to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, where he was being treated....
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[VIDEO] The Urinator Caught Live! Causes Portland to Flush Reservoir

Urinator Causes Portland to Flush Reservoir

Urinator Causes Portland to Flush Reservoir Dudes taking a leak in the water system, so the city decided to flush out the whole system.
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[VIDEO] Flight MH370: Two New Live Pings Detected Near Search Area


All 4 pulses were within 17 miles “I’m now optimistic. We’ll find the aircraft or what’s left of the aircraft in the not too distant future,” says Australian official.
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Rand Paul Says Dick Cheney Went to War in Iraq for Halliburton Profits VIDEO

Sen. Rand Paul Ends Filibuster On Brennan Nomination

WATCH: Rand Paul Says Dick Cheney Pushed for the Iraq War So Halliburton Could Profit The old video shows the Kentucky senator charging that Cheney used 9/11 as an excuse to invade Iraq and benefit his former company.
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QUEBEC Liberals win MAJORITY Gov’t ousting separatist Parti Quebecois

Quebec Separatists Lose

QUEBEC ELECTIONS BREAKING: Liberals win MAJORITY Gov’t Watch Live on #cbc Canada News & Events | LNC – LIVE Stream Quebec voters vote to oust Quebec Separatists as Liberal win Majority Government. The Liberal Party led by Philippe Couillard return to power, ousting Premier Pauline Marois and the separatist Parti Quebecois.
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Peaches Geldof, daughter of Irish musician Bob Geldof, has died

Peaches Geldof dead: Daughter of Bob Geldof

Peaches Geldof, daughter of Irish musician and Live Aid organizer Bob Geldof, has died at 25. Bob Geldof released a statement saying his family is “beyond pain,” “At this stage, the death is being treated as an unexplained and sudden death,” Kent police said. “Officers are working to establish the circumstances around the death.”
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Amazing Video – NASA Captures Live Huge Solar Flare Watch Below

nasa solar flare

Amazing new video from NASA – Capturing a Solar Flare
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Christie’s Own Panel Clears Him of Wrongdoing in Bridgegate Scandal

Subpoenaed Christie Staffer Quits

COME ON GET ADDA HERE!!! Christie’s Own Panel Clears Him of Wrongdoing. Christie Attorneys conducting review of George Washington Bridge lane closings hold media briefing on Thursday clearing Christie of all wrong doing, if you can believe that. This conclusion was reached even though none of the primary figures mentioned in the emails were...
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Turkey blocks YouTube access

turkey blocks youtube

Turkey blocks YouTube access YouTube has been blocked in Turkey as a newly leaked recording purportedly includes Turkey’s intelligence chief discussing possible military operations in Syria with the foreign minister and the deputy head of the armed forces. Another leaked voice recording suggests that Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan orchestrated the release of Baykal’s (former...
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PHOTO: Satellight images released show unidentified objects in the Indian Ocean

Malaysia Plane

PHOTO: Satellight images released by Malaysian authorities that show unidentified objects in the Indian Ocean
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Hobby Lobby Contraceptive Case Goes Before Supreme Court

supreme court hobby lobby case

The U.S. Supreme Court hears arguments Tuesday in the latest challenge to the Obama health care overhaul. This time the issue is whether for-profit corporations, citing religious objections, may refuse to provide some, or potentially all, contraceptive services in health plans offered to employees. It is a case that touches lots of hot-button issues....
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[VIDEO] Malaysia Airlines: MH370 plane is lost, none on board survived


MH370 plane is lost, none on board survived – Malaysia Airlines Malaysian PM: data analysed by UK Air Accidents Investigation Branch & satellite firm shows plane flew south into ocean & flight ended there. Malaysian Prime Minister admits that Flight 370 is lost. “Beyond any doubt” it crashed in Indian Ocean. “Malaysia Airlines have...
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Boehner Banned in Russia! Russia Retaliates Sanctions on US Lawmakers


BREAKING: New US sanctions hit President Vladimir Putin’s chief of staff, banker and lifetime friends. In retaliation Russia’s foreign ministry on Thursday said top U.S. lawmakers including House Speaker John Boehner and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid won’t be allowed into the country.
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Bigot Fred Phelps Sr., Westboro Baptist Church Founder Has Died

westboro Baptist church

Bigot Fred Phelps Sr., Westboro Baptist Church Founder Has Died. His church was best know for it’s hatred against gays, and the slogan ‘god hates fags’ was their calling card. They would picket funerals of the military as another fun thing they like to do. Stop the hatred.
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Malaysia MH370: Australian PM says possible debris found in Indian Ocean


Malaysia Airlines MH370: Tony Abbott says possible debris found in Indian Ocean Watch Live News Broadcast Australian PM Tony Abbott has announced objects possibly related to the search for a missing Malaysian Airlines plane have been found in the southern Indian Ocean. Mr Abbott says new satellite images show two possible objects in the...
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News helicopter crashes & burns in Seattle – 2 Dead


News helicopter crashes & burns in Seattle – 2 Dead reported. Two cars were burned out. We saw someone running from from one of the cars with his sleeve on fire, and he was extinguished by officers. Big flames and black smoke poured from the burning wreckage. Fuel gushing from the wreckage caught fire...
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US Imposes New Sanctions on Russia – Pres. Obama Speaks Live


Reuters reports that: “President Obama imposed sanctions on 11 Russians and Ukrainians blamed for Russia’s military incursion into Crimea, including two top aides to Russian President Vladimir Putin. “Obama’s order freezes any assets in the United States and bans travel to the 11 individuals named as responsible for the Russian move into...
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[VIDEO] CRIMEA RIVER: Crimeans vote huge (97%) to join Russia

crimea votes russia

Big WIN for Putin and his knee-breakers. Early results show voters in Crimea want to become part of Russia. The European Union calls the referendum illegal and says it is looking at sanctions.
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