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NY Gov. Cuomo Announced his Support for Legalizing Weed [VIDEO]

December 17th 2018

Will New York State get legal weed? Well New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced his support for legalizing recreational marijuana in his state during a speech in which he outlined his agenda for his first 100 days of his third term leading the Empire State.
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Trump Doctor’s Office Raided By Trump’s Thugs

May 1st 2018

In February 2017, a top White House aide who was Trump’s longtime personal bodyguard, along with the top lawyer at the Trump Organization and a third man, showed up at the office of Trump’s New York doctor without notice and took all the president’s medical records. The incident, which Dr. Harold Bornstein described as...
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Amazon Berkshire Hathaway JPMorgan Chase Launch Health Care

January 30th 2018

Health care costs are “a hungry tapeworm on the American economy,” Berkshire Hathaway Chairman and CEO Warren Buffett says, and now his firm is teaming up with Amazon and JPMorgan Chase to create a new company with the goal of providing high quality health care at a lower cost. The new company will be...
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Trump: “I’m Like Really Smart… A Very Stable Genius”

January 7th 2018

The president of the world’s largest economy has defended his mental state, declaring himself to be a “very stable genius” amid questions raised by an explosive new book that quotes senior aides in the White House questioning his fitness for office.  In a flurry of Twitter posts sent from the Camp David presidential retreat on...
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Maine Guv Refuses Medicaid Expansion After Voters Approve It

November 8th 2017

Maine Gov. Paul LePage said Wednesday that he will not expand Medicaid “until it has been fully funded by the legislature,” despite nearly 60 percent of the state’s voters on Tuesday approving the expansion. Extending Medicaid would benefit an estimated 70,000 people, with 90 percent of the cost funded by the federal government. “The...
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Trump Ends ObamaCare Insurance Subsidies For Low-Income Customers

October 13th 2017

On Thursday night, the White House said it cannot lawfully make subsidy payments to insurers who rely on funding to reduce out-of-pocket costs for low-income ObamaCare customers. The subsidies are paid monthly, and are estimated to be worth $7 billion this year. Under the law, insurers must provide cheaper rates to members even if...
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Trump Signs Health-Care Executive Order To Sabotage ACA

October 12th 2017

President Donald Trump on Thursday signed an executive order aimed at expanding access to cheaper health-insurance plans by allowing newly formed health associations that offer less coverage. Those plans would then be able to be sold across state lines, which is illegal under the Affordable Care Act. Trump said Thursday that signing the order...
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Senate Republicans Won’t Vote On Graham-Cassidy Health Care Bill

September 26th 2017

Senate Republicans decided Tuesday that they will not vote on their health-care bill after efforts to garner support for the legislation fell short. The bill, named for co-sponsors Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) and Bill Cassidy (R-La.), appeared doomed on Monday when moderate Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine) joined Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) and Sen. John McCain...
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McCain Announces No Vote On Health Care, Effectively Killing GOP Bill

September 22nd 2017

Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) announced Friday that he will not vote for the new Republican health-care bill, effectively killing the GOP’s last chance at passing legislation to repeal and replace ObamaCare before their Sept. 30 deadline. Sponsored by Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) and Sen. Bill Cassidy (R-La.), the bill would convert ObamaCare’s subsidies and...
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Republicans Rally For Last-Ditch Attempt At Repealing ObamaCare

September 18th 2017

Senate Republicans are considering a final attempt at passing a bill to repeal the Affordable Care Act after falling one vote short in July. Republicans technically have until Sept. 30 before they lose the ability to pass a bill with just 50 votes plus Vice President Mike Pence. Last week, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.)...
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‘Skinny’ Obamacare Repeal Bill Fails By 1 Vote

July 28th 2017

The GOP’s “skinny” Affordable Care Act repeal bill failed to pass the Senate in a late-night vote early Friday, with Sen. John McCain among the three Republican lawmakers to vote against the last-ditch effort. Senators Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski also came out against the legislation. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell called the 49-51...
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CBO: Under ‘Skinny Repeal’ Bill, 16 Million Could Be Uninsured

July 27th 2017

Senate Republicans’ “skinny repeal” bill to undo ObamaCare’s individual and employer mandates could result in 16 million Americans losing their health insurance, the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office estimated in a report issued Wednesday. The full contents of the “skinny bill” remain unclear, because it won’t be released until after a voting session that is...
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McCain To Return To Congress For Health-Care Vote

July 25th 2017

John McCain will return to Congress on Tuesday for a vote on the Senate’s yet-to-be-announced health-care policy, the Arizona Republican’s office said in a statement Monday night. McCain was recently announced to have brain cancer, and is on medical leave recovering from a tumor removal this month. His vote is critical for GOP senators...
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Trump Says He’ll ‘Let ObamaCare Fail’ [VIDEO]

July 18th 2017

“Let Obamacare fail, it will be a lot easier,” President Trump said Tuesday afternoon following the failure of his preferred repeal-and-replace plan and the news that Mitch McConnell’s repeal-only plan has also failed. “We’ll let Obamacare fail. We’re not going to own it. I’m not going to own it. I can tell you the...
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Senate GOP Health Bill In Delay After McCain’s Surgery

July 17th 2017

Sen. John McCain’s (R-Ariz.) surgery to remove a blood clot above his left eye has put the Senate GOP’s health-care bill in limbo, with neurosurgery experts saying his recovery could take at least a week or two. McCain’s office has suggested he could be back to work within days. Without McCain’s vote, Senate Republican...
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Revised Senate Health-Care Bill Still Lacks The Votes To Pass

July 13th 2017

The Senate GOP’s latest attempt to rewrite the Affordable Care Act showed few signs of gaining traction Thursday, further imperiling the party’s quest to overhaul Barack Obama’s 2010 health-care law. At least three Republican senators said Thursday they remained opposed to bringing up the revised bill, while two rank-and-file Republicans announced plans to offer...
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GOP Senators Leave For Recess Without Health-Care Agreement

June 30th 2017

Senators left Washington on Thursday night for a 10-day break without voting on the Senate Republican health-care bill, and after a day of negotiations Senate GOP leaders still did not have the pieces in place for a plan that could get 50 of their 52 votes. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) and the...
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CBO: Senate Health Bill Would Leave 22 Million More Uninsured By 2026

June 27th 2017

The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office on Monday released its cost estimate of Senate Republicans’ health-care bill, the Better Care Reconciliation Act. The CBO score revealed that by next year, 15 million additional people would be uninsured under the plan, as opposed to under ObamaCare, the current law. By 2026, 22 million more people would...
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Senate GOP Leaders Unveil Healthcare Bill – READ FULL TEXT

June 22nd 2017

Senate Republicans unveiled their version of a health-care overhaul Thursday that eliminates many provisions included in the Affordable Care Act. The bill would cut Medicaid, end the ACA’s mandate that Americans must have health insurance or pay a fine, and allow states to drop previously required benefits. The Senate bill maintains the structure of...
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Republicans To Unveil Senate Health-Care Bill Today

June 22nd 2017

Senate leaders on Wednesday began circulating a discussion draft of their proposal to replace ObamaCare a day before its scheduled formal release. The working document seeks to roll back taxes and penalties in the Affordable Care Act, cut back its Medicaid expansion, change the Obama-era health law’s subsidies, and give states more flexibility to...
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Report: Trump Budget Proposes Deep Cuts To Medicaid

May 22nd 2017

President Trump’s budget proposal, scheduled for release on Tuesday, will feature major cuts to Medicaid and changes to programs that help low-income Americans, people familiar with the planning told The Washington Post. When it comes to Medicaid, the budget follows through on a bill House Republicans passed that cuts more than $800 billion over...
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Obama Urges Congress To Have The ‘Courage’ To Protect ACA

May 8th 2017

Former President Barack Obama on Sunday issued a plea to members of Congress to save the Affordable Care Act, just days after the GOP’s replacement plan, the American Health Care Act, passed its first hurdle in the House. “I hope that current members of Congress recognize it takes little courage to aid those who...
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Colbert On Health Care Vote: GOP Just Kicked America In The Balls

May 5th 2017

Stephen Colbert mocked the GOP’s frenzy with a funny effusive account about how far the bill still has to go before becoming law. “They did it,” he began. “Obamacare is finally officially dead… is something they can say once the bill goes to the Senate, then gets out of committee, is debated on the...
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House Republicans Passes Bill To Replace Obamacare

May 4th 2017

On Thursday, the House narrowly passed the American Health Care Act, 217-213. Every Democrat voted against the GOP health-care bill, as did 20 Republicans. 217 Republicans voted in favor. The bill passed after a lengthy struggle by Republican leadership to win over moderates who were concerned the bill threatened coverage for people with pre-existing...
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House To Vote On GOP Health-Care Plan Today

May 4th 2017

A little-noticed amendment to the Obamacare repeal effort now before the House would let U.S. employers gut health coverage, The Wall Street Journal reported. Such a provision would affect about half the country, and the amendment lets states obtain waivers from certain Affordable Care Act regulations, freeing insurers from a mandate stipulating that they...
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Jimmy Kimmel Tearfully Reveals Son’s Health Crisis [VIDEO]

May 2nd 2017

Jimmy Kimmel give the most powerful argument for saving the #ACA after his newborn son nearly dies, he shared the experience in an emotional opening monologue. “We had atheists praying for us, O.K.?” he said. “And I hate to say it — even that son of a Matt Damon sent flowers.” “If your...
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Colbert On Trumpcare Fail: ‘The Cabinet Of Broken Republican Dreams’

March 28th 2017

Colbert mocked Donald Trump’s failure to push through a plan repeal and replace Obamacare, noting that despite the weight of the White House behind the bill, the GOP had to add it to the “cabinet of broken Republican dreams.” “The White House tried to get this thing through,” Colbert said during his opening monologue...
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Trump Ultimatum To GOP: Pass Health Care or Else

March 24th 2017

President Trump has urged a vote on the American Health Care Act on Friday after the vote was postponed Thursday due to a lack of sufficient support to pass it. According to The Washington Post, Trump delivered an ultimatum: Pass the bill or he will move on from the repeal-and-replace cause. House Speaker Paul...
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GOP Struggles To Secure Votes On Health Bill

March 23rd 2017

Republicans say they still plan to put the American Health Care Act up for a vote on Thursday, even as the White House and House Republican leaders continue to work to whip up enough votes to ensure passage. Late Wednesday, the White House and the conservative House Freedom Caucus reportedly reached a deal to...
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Obama, Pence Visit Capitol Hill For Obamacare Fight

January 4th 2017

President Barack Obama arrived to the Capitol to give congressional Democrats advice on how to combat the Republican drive to dismantle his health care overhaul. Vice President-elect Mike Pence is meeting with GOP lawmakers to discuss the best way to send Obama’s cherished law to its graveyard and replace it with — well, something....
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