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Rep. Devin Nunes sues Twitter for $250 million over ‘@DevinNunesMom’

March 20th 2019

The US congressman Devin Nunes sent the Twitterverse spiraling into hilarity late on Monday with his lawsuit listing the purported crimes of Twitter users “Devin Nunes’ Mom” and “Devin Nunes’ Cow”. In the lawsuit against Twitter and a handful of users, the California Republican claims to be the victim of vicious internet trolls, as...
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Fox News Pulls Jeanine Pirro Show after her Islamophobic Remarks

March 19th 2019

Jeanine Pirro, the Fox News host who made Islamophobic comments about a Muslim Congress member, has been unexpectedly yanked off the air. And now one of her most powerful defenders — the president of the United States — is railing against the network. Justice With Judge Jeanine was missing from its usual Saturday time...
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Jeff Bezos says Trump’s Friend David Pecker Tried to Blackmail Him

February 8th 2019

In an explosive tell-all blog post published Thursday, Jeff Bezos accused the publisher of the National Enquirer of trying to extort him. The post by Bezos on the blogging platform Medium revealed what he said were the full text of emails his representatives got from executives at AMI, the publisher of the National Enquirer....
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More Pipe Bomb Packages Found Addressed to Joe Biden & Robert Dinero

October 25th 2018

Police in New York City removed a suspicious package sent to a building owned by actor Robert De Niro early Thursday. The package was sent to a Greenwich Street address in the Tribeca area owned by the actor, adding to the pattern of explosive devices discovered Wednesday at CNN and others sent to the...
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John Oliver on America’s Relationship with Saudi Arabia [VIDEO]

October 15th 2018

Following the alarming disappearance of a Saudi journalist and political dissident, John Oliver examines America’s uncomfortably comfortable relationship with Saudi Arabia.
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John Oliver Last Week Tonight: FACEBOOK IS A TOILET

September 24th 2018

Facebook’s global expansion has been linked to political turmoil overseas, so maybe their ads should focus less on how they “connect the world” and more on why connecting people isn’t always the best idea. #DeleteFacebook.
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Ronan Farrow Reportedly Has Donald Trump ‘Apprentice’ Tapes

September 19th 2018

Investigative journalist Ronan Farrow reportedly has possession of Donald Trump tapes from when he started on NBC’s “The Apprentice,” Page Six, MSN and Deadline reported Monday. The tapes reportedly document Trump using the N-word and calling his son Eric Trump an R-Word. At a Sunday night Emmy Awards party, actor Tom Arnold reportedly confronted...
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Trump Admin ‘Resistance’ Pens Op-Ed in NY Times

September 6th 2018

“The root of the problem is the president’s amorality. Anyone who works with him knows he is not moored to any discernible first principles that guide his decision making.” I work for the president but like-minded colleagues and I have vowed to thwart parts of his agenda and his worst inclinations. President Trump is...
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Guiliani All Over MSM – Speaks Out of Both Sides of His Mouth

July 31st 2018

Rudy Giuliani went on a chaotic media tour, starting with a nutso interview on CNN. Each subsequent interview seemed to clean up a key element laid out in a previous appearance, culminating with an interview with The Daily Beast where Giuliani appeared to blame the fall out from all the interviews on inquisitive New...
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Trump: Believe Me, Not Your Lyin’ Eyes [VIDEO]

July 25th 2018

Trump attacked the media for covering his tariffs in a speech he delivered to the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States National Convention on Tuesday, saying, “But remember, they have the biggest, best, strongest lobbyists, and they’re doing a number. Just stick with us. Don’t believe the crap you see from these...
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Rest in Peace, Ed Schultz – LET’S GET TO WORK!

July 6th 2018

Ed Schultz, a former conservative radio show host whose politics moved left before he joined MSNBC’s nightly lineup in 2009 and then shifted again when he was hired by RT America, Russia’s state-financed international cable network, died on Thursday at his home in Washington. He was 64. His death was announced by RT America,...
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Trump’s “SpyGate” Claim Debunked by Trey Gowdy on Fox [VIDEO]

May 30th 2018

President Trump has made it clear he likes what he hears on Fox News. The network often covers the president favorably, bringing on conservative commentators that push the president’s agenda and, at times, explore far-right conspiracy theories. But in an unusual shift Tuesday, three different voices on Fox News pushed back against the president’s...
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Vegas Golden Nights Go To Stanley Cup Final in First Year

May 20th 2018

After Bill Foley agreed to pay a whopping $500 million for the right to put a hockey team in the middle of the Mojave Desert, the NHL decided his Vegas Golden Knights deserved a chance for a swift return on that investment. If the other NHL owners had known just how huge Foley’s reward...
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Crossfire Hurricane: Bad Timing Caused NYT to Help Trump Win (That’s What She Said)

May 17th 2018

The New York Times helped Donald Trump win the election with their Oct. 31st article saying there was no evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.  Now, they’ve put out a new article, basically apologizing for their previous article (NO, YOU ARE NOT FORGIVEN) and laying out how the investigation began and...
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North Korea’s Little Kim Threatens to Dump The Trump Summit

May 15th 2018

North Korea has threatened to cancel a historic summit between Kim Jong-un and President Donald Trump after US and South Korean forces carried out ‘provocative’ joint drills this week. The North’s Korean Central News Agency unexpectedly announced talks with South Korea had been postponed just hours before they were due to start because of...
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[VIDEO] Bill Maher on RealTime: Trump is Married to the Mob

May 12th 2018

New Rule: Married to the Mob | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO) All the criminals, the wacky characters, everyone is there except my cousin Vinny. Hopefully will all end up in prison, where mobsters and criminals belong. #TrumpCrimeFamily
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Michael Avenatti: Cohen Selling Access to Trump

May 11th 2018

 Michael Avenatti, attorney for Stormy Daniels, talks with Rachel Maddow about the revelations in a document he published to the web about money paid to Michael Cohen, arguing that the most charitable explanation of what that money was for was selling access to the president. Read the Avenatti’s Executive Summary here
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‘Fire him today’: Viewers demand MSNBC drop Hugh Hewitt

May 9th 2018

‘Fire him today’: Viewers demand MSNBC drop Hugh Hewitt after report reveals unethical favors from Scott Pruitt. MSNBC viewers on Tuesday threatened to boycott MSNBC if the network does not fire conservative commentator Hugh Hewitt after a report revealed that he had received special favors from embattled EPA chief Scott Pruitt. Politico reported on...
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