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Amazon Names Top 20 Finalists In Second Headquarters Race


Amazon named 20 finalists in the race to win its second headquarters Thursday, narrowing the pool of cities and states competing to secure an expected 50,000 jobs and $5 billion in investment. They are: Atlanta, GA Austin, TX Boston, MA Chicago, IL Columbus, OH Dallas, TX Denver, CO Indianapolis, IN Los Angeles, CA Miami,...
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Cybersecurity Firm: Russia-linked Hackers Targeting US Senate


The same Russian government-aligned hackers who penetrated the Democratic Party have spent the past few months laying the groundwork for an espionage campaign against the U.S. Senate, a cybersecurity firm said Friday. The revelation suggests the group often nicknamed Fancy Bear, whose hacking campaign scrambled the 2016 U.S. electoral contest, is still busy trying...
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Facebook Overhauls News Feed To Prioritize ‘Meaningful’ Posts


Facebook has vowed to prioritize “meaningful interaction” among users with a dramatic overhaul of its News Feed, which it says will now focus more on posts from users’ family and friends and less on viral videos. “We want to make sure that our products are not just fun, but are good for people,” Facebook...
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FB Founder Sean Parker: ‘God Only Knows What It’s Doing To Our Children’s Brains’


Sean Parker, the founding president of Facebook, said the social-media platform functions by “exploiting a vulnerability in human psychology.” At an event in Philadelphia on Wednesday night, the erstwhile 38-year-old Napster inventor told Axios, “It probably interferes with productivity in weird ways. God only knows what it’s doing to our children’s brains.” Parker said...
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Twitter: Employee Deactivated Trump’s Account On Last Day at Work


Twitter announced late Thursday that President Trump’s account had been briefly deactivated earlier in the evening not as a result of “human error,” as initially reported, but by an employee on his or her last day of work. “Through our investigation we have learned that this was done by a Twitter customer support employee...
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Samsung Launches The Galaxy Note 8


After the disastrous recall of its Galaxy Note 7 phone last year, Samsung on Wednesday unveiled the next phone in its Note lineup, the Galaxy Note 8. The successor to the discontinued and sometimes flammable phone features a sizable infinity screen measuring 6.3 inches diagonally; two 12-megapixel color cameras; fingerprint, facial, and iris scanning...
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Elon Musk NY-D.C. Hyperloop Received Government Approval


Elon Musk claimed on Thursday that he’s received verbal government approval for The Boring Company to create an underground Hyperloop train between Washington D.C. and New York. The Loop would include New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and the U.S. capital. Musk did not announce any further details on whether the approval was local or federal,...
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Musk Says Tesla Gearing Up To Make Its First Model 3


Tesla’s new Model 3 sedan, the electric car maker’s first mass-market car, has passed all regulatory requirements for production, CEO Elon Musk said in a tweet on Sunday night. The Model 3 got past the regulatory hurdle two weeks ahead of schedule. Musk said production was on track to start in July as planned,...
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Google Fined $2.7 Billion in EU Antitrust Ruling


The European Commission slapped Google with a record $2.7 billion fine—2.4 billion euros—on Tuesday for favoring some of its own search results above those of its rivals. “What Google has done is illegal under EU antitrust rules,” Margrethe Vestager, the commission’s top antitrust official, said in a statement. “It denied other companies the chance...
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Swedish Prosecutor Drops Assange Rape Investigation


Swedish prosecutors have dropped their investigation into sexual-assault allegations against WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. Officials will hold a press conference later Friday to expand on their decision to halt the seven-year legal standoff. The 45-year-old, who firmly denied the allegations he assaulted a woman in Sweden, took shelter in the Ecuadorean Embassy in London...
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Experts Warn Of Second Wave Of Ransomware Hacks


Thousands of new cases from the global ransomware cyberattack were reported Monday in Asia, although there were no immediate reports of major breakdowns. Security experts had warned of fresh fallout from Friday’s attack when people returned to work on Monday and restart their computers. Many workers, especially in Asia, had already left their offices...
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John Oliver Takes On Net Neutrality Part II [VIDEO]


John Oliver fight for equal access to online information once again and informed us on how under serious threat it is under Trump Administration. Oliver encourages internet commenters to voice their displeasure to the FCC by crashing www.gofccyourself.com. “The Internet is the repository of all human knowledge — and goats singing Taylor Swift songs”
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Astronaut Peggy Whitson Breaks Record In Space


Peggy Whitson has broken a new record for the most days in space by a U.S. astronaut. The record was previously held by Jeff Williams, who had a total of 534. She already held the record for the oldest woman to have gone to space, most spacewalks carried out by a woman, and the...
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Report: Trump Reviewing ‘Extreme Vetting’ Policies


President Trump’s administration is reviewing ways to enact the “extreme vetting” practices that often mentioned during his campaign, The Wall Street Journal reported. Administration officials told the newspaper they are evaluating whether to require foreign nationals who visit the U.S. to divulge cell phone contacts and passwords for social networking websites. “If there is...
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GOP Votes To Repeal Internet Privacy Rules


House Republicans voted Tuesday to repeal a set of privacy protections for Internet users that was enacted under the Obama administration. In a 215-205 vote, the measure now heads to the White House where President Trump is expected to sign it. It’s a move that will allow Internet providers to collect and sell customers’...
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Russian Spies Indicted For Massive Yahoo Hack


The United States announced charges Wednesday against two Russian intelligence officers and two hackers, accusing them of a mega data breach at Yahoo that affected at least a half billion user accounts. The hack targeted the email accounts of Russian and U.S. officials, Russian journalists, and employees of financial services and other businesses, officials...
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Julian Assange: WikiLeaks To Give Details Of CIA Hacking Tools To Tech Companies


Julian Assange had suggested that WikiLeaks is about to publish all of the CIA’s cyber weapons online. The organization has posted what appears to be the biggest ever leak of CIA spying secrets ever, but had previously refrained from publishing the details of the US spying agency’s weapons. Mr Assange had argued that it...
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NASA Discovers New Solar System That May Support Life


NASA scientists have found seven Earth-sized planets in a nearby solar system that could potentially support life, the U.S. space agency said Wednesday. The planets, all with the potential to hold life-sustaining liquid water, are orbiting a single dwarf star about 40 light-years away. Scientists initially reported the system last year, but at that...
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Yahoo To Be Renamed Altaba, CEO Mayer To Resign [VIDEO]


Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer will leave the company’s board after the proposed sale of the internet pioneer’s core web properties to Verizon, according to a filing Monday. Five other directors also will go. The move was not a surprise, as the new company will essentially be an investment company holding the remaining Yahoo assets,...
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Declassified Intelligence Report on Russian Hacking Released READ NOW


BREAKING: The declassified intelligence report on Russian hacking released. You can READ IT HERE. The declassified public version of the Intelligence Community’s review of the election-related hacking will be released as soon as Friday afternoon. President-elect Donald Trump has yet to be briefed by intelligence leaders, which is expected to happen at around 12:30...
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Phone Appears to Explode Against Cee Lo Green’s Head [VIDEO]


This video is making the rounds heavily on social media. The video appears to show Cee-Lo Green knocked to the floor after a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 explodes in hand. Surveillance footage captured the harrowing incident. Ceelo Green collapses in the studio as his Samsung Phone explodes in his face. Singer CeeLo Green says...
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Yahoo Breach Raises Concerns About National Security


Yahoo announced Wednesday that more than a billion user accounts could have been compromised in a 2013 hack — and among that number could be more than 150,000 U.S. government or military employees, Bloomberg reports. Criminals or foreign intelligence services could now have the names, passwords, phone numbers, birthdays, and security questions of government...
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Google Cracks Down on Fake News Sites


Google will ban fake news sites from using its advertising software, The Wall Street Journal reports. The move will prohibit the placement of Google’s AdSense ads “on pages that misrepresent, misstate, or conceal information about the publisher, the publisher’s content, or the primary purpose,” the company told the Journal. Websites that published deliberately false...
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GE Reached $30 Billion Deal With Baker Hughes [VIDEO]


General Electric Co (GE.N), banking on a recovery in oil prices, said on Monday it would merge its oil and gas business with No. 3 oilfield services provider Baker Hughes Inc (BHI.N). GE will own 62.5 percent of the new company, which will have combined revenue of $32 billion, while Baker Hughes shareholders will...
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DDoS Cyber Attack Takes Out Netflix, Spotify on East Coast


Internet users on the east coast of the United States felt the burn Friday morning after a large-scale distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack on Dyn, an internet performance service company. The attack made it difficult for users to access popular sites like Spotify, Netflix, Twitter, Amazon, and Reddit, starting around 7:10 a.m. ET....
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Obama: We’re Going to Mars by 2030s


President Obama on Tuesday announced the U.S. has partnered with private firms in the goal of sending humans to Mars by the 2030s. Obama wrote in an essay for CNN that the government’s “ultimate ambition” is to one day “remain there for an extended time.” He wrote that astronauts will be sent to the...
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Samsung Halts Production of Galaxy Note 7 [VIDEO]


Samsung has now completely halted production of the Galaxy Note 7, after another spate of fires and explosions were reported involving replacement models the company issued to customers. On Monday, Samsung initially told buyers to stop using the smartphones and to turn them off while it looked into the safety concerns; early Tuesday, that...
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Google Released Pixel, Pixel XL Phones


Google has just confirmed its Pixel smartphone, available in 5- and 5.5in versions as the Pixel and Pixel XL. Headline features include the new Google Assistant, which allows for natural dialogue between Google and a user to get the information they need, a 12.3Mp camera that has won the highest ever rating from DXOMark...
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Rosetta Spacecraft Safely Lands on Comet [VIDEO]


The first spacecraft to orbit a comet ended its mission Friday by safely landing on the frozen body it had tracked or the past two years. The European Space Agency’s Rosetta probe made a confirmed landing on Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko at roughly 2 miles per hour before sending its final radio signal back to the...
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Democratic Party Hacked By Russians


The head of the Democratic National Committee said on Tuesday the organization had been hacked by Russian state-sponsored agents who were trying to influence the U.S. presidential election, after a similar leak in July roiled the party. A link to the documents was posted on WikiLeaks’ Twitter account and attributed to alleged hacker Guccifer...
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