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U.K. Cuts Off U.S. From Manchester Attack Intel Over Leaks


U.K. officials have stopped sharing information related to Monday night’s Manchester bombing with their U.S. counterparts after repeated leaks to the American media, the BBC reports. Crime-scene photos showing blood from the victims of the attack were published in The New York Times, enraging British authorities. The name of the suspected bomber, Salman Abedi,...
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U.K. Raises Threat Level To ‘Critical’ Following Manchester Attack


The U.K. has increased its terrorist threat level to the highest possible “critical” for the first time in a decade, British Prime Minister Theresa May announced Tuesday. The designation means a terror attack is considered “imminent” and allows for military personnel to be deployed instead of police officers at public events. The decision comes...
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Report: Israel Was Source Of Secret Trump Intel


President Trump disclosed classified information provided by Israel during a talk with top Russian officials in the Oval Office, The New York Times reported Monday. As originally reported by the Washington Post, Trump shared the information with Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and Ambassador Sergey Kislyak last week during their visit to the White House....
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Trump Revealed Highly Classified Info to Russian Foreign Minister & Ambassador


According to the Washington Post Trump revealed highly classified information to Russian foreign minister and ambassador when he met with them in the oval office last week, a day after firing FBI Director Comey. President Trump revealed highly classified information to the Russian foreign minister and ambassador in a White House meeting last week,...
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Trump Proposed Sending More Troops To Afghanistan


Top military and foreign policy advisers to President Trump have proposed sending more troops to Afghanistan and returning the U.S. to a war footing against the Taliban. The U.S. has 8,400 soldiers in the country to aid and train Afghan forces now, and Trump’s advisers are suggesting boosting that by as many as 5,000...
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2 U.S. Special Ops Soldiers Killed In Afghanistan


Two U.S. Special Operations Forces soldiers were killed in a raid targeting ISIS fighters in Afghanistan, the Pentagon said Thursday. One service member was reported wounded in the joint U.S.-Afghan operation. The incident occurred near where, earlier this month, the U.S. dropped its most powerful non-nuclear bomb, which ofificials said killed dozens of ISIS...
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Syria: ‘Israeli Strike’ Hits Near Damascus Airport [VIDEO]


Syrian state media claimed Thursday that an Israeli missile strike caused an explosion and fire at a military site near Damascus’s airport. However, Syrian rebel sources told the BBC that the target was an arms depot controlled by Lebanon’s Hezbollah movement—an ally of the Assad regime that Israel has consistently targeted in its attempt...
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VIDEO Emerges of Afghanistan ‘Mother of All Bombs’ Strike


The “mother of all bombs” unleashed Thursday in Afghanistan by the U.S. left 36 Islamic State terror group fighters dead but killed no civilians, according to government officials in Afghanistan. The U.S. has been concentrated on fighting the estimated 600 to 800 ISIS forces in Afghanistan while also supporting Afghans in their battle against...
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BREAKING NEWS: US Drops ‘Mother Of All Bombs’ In Afghanistan


CLICK HERE TO WATCH LIVE – The U.S. on Thursday dropped its largest non-nuclear bomb in Afghanistan on Thursday, CNN reported. The 21,000-pound bomb, dubbed the “mother of all bombs” or MOAB, was dropped in eastern Afghanistan to target ISIS tunnels, according to CNN. The official name of the weapon is the massive ordinance...
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Egypt Palm Sunday Church Blasts Kill at Least 38


Two blasts targeting Egyptian churches on Palm Sunday killed at least 38 people and wounded more than 100, according to Health Ministry officials. The first attack hit the St. George Church, packed with worshipers in the Nile Delta town of Tanta, north of the Egyptian capital, killing at least 27 people and wounding 78...
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Kremlin: U.S. It’s ‘One Step From War’; Trump Warns He Will Hit Syria AGAIN


The Kremlin has warned the US it is ‘one step from war’ over Syria – but the Trump administration hit back by saying it would be prepared to carry out airstrikes again. In the first direct American raid on Bashar al Assad’s forces, President Trump authorised the firing of 59 cruise missiles at a...
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U.S. Told Russia About Syria Strikes in Advance


Russia confirmed Friday that it received advanced warning from the U.S. about its strike on Syria, in which the United States launched 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles in the first American assault on President Bashar al-Assad’s regime. Moscow condemned the strike and gave notice that Russia is pulling out of all agreements to minimize risk...
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Rex Tillerson Asks Russia To Rethink Alliance With Bashar Al-Assad


Speaking to reporters a week before his scheduled trip to Moscow, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said Wednesday there is “no doubt in our mind” that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s government is behind a chemical attack that killed dozens of Syrians on Tuesday, and “it’s time that the Russians really need to think carefully...
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Morning Joe Rips Trump For Blaming Syrian Gas Attack On Obama


Wednesday morning Joe Scarborough blasted President Trump decision to blame Tuesday’s horrific chemical weapon attack in Syria on former President Barack Obama. On Tuesday, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer blamed the attack on former President Barack Obama, saying the strike was “a consequence of the past administration’s weakness and irresolution.” Scarborough went after...
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Report: Trump Reviewing ‘Extreme Vetting’ Policies


President Trump’s administration is reviewing ways to enact the “extreme vetting” practices that often mentioned during his campaign, The Wall Street Journal reported. Administration officials told the newspaper they are evaluating whether to require foreign nationals who visit the U.S. to divulge cell phone contacts and passwords for social networking websites. “If there is...
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10+ Dead In Explosion On St. Petersburg Subway


At least 10 people are dead after an explosion rocked at least one underground subway station in St. Petersburg, Russia, on Monday, multiple outlets reported. Reuters reports the blast occurred on two train cars that were moving between the Sennaya Ploshchad and the Tekhnologicheskiy Institut stations, citing government sources. All outlets are reporting that...
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ISIS Claims London Terror Attack


The media agency linked to the Islamic State terror group issued a release Thursday claiming that the attacker who killed three people including a British police officer in Westminster was affiliated with ISIS. The group frequently claims global terror attacks even if there is no evidence of its involvement. Amaq quoted an ISIS source...
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Eight Arrested After London Attack in Armed Police Raids


Eight people were reportedly arrested across the U.K. overnight in the aftermath of the attack near Britain’s Parliament on Wednesday that left three people dead and at least 29 still hospitalized. Detectives carried out armed police raids at six addresses, in London, Birmingham, and elsewhere throughout the night, said Acting Deputy Commissioner and Head...
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Russia TwitterBots & Fake Sanders Accounts Used to Influence Election [VIDEO]


Last night Rachel Maddow exposed a fake Bernie Sanders supporters Facebook page that appears to be part of the Russian information warfare effort against the United States liberal and progressives. Russia also used bots (Posting robots that were anti-Hillary) which littered Facebook & Twitter with posts pointing to alt-right or fake news sites, as...
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UK Parliament Locked Down After Terror Attack On Westminster Bridge


WATCH THIS EVENT LIVE CLICK HERE – A knife-wielding attacker was shot by armed police in the grounds of Parliament today after pedestrians were mowed down on Westminster Bridge. More than 10 people are said to have been hit by a car on Westminster Bridge after a vehicle described as a ‘4×4’ reportedly drove...
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Suicide Bomber Kills 30 In Damascus At Courthouse [VIDEO]


A suicide bomber detonated his explosives’ vest inside the main judicial building in the Syrian capital on Wednesday, killing at least 30 people and wounding many others, state media said. The official news agency, SANA, said another suicide explosion struck a restaurant in Rabweh district of Damascus, leading to an unknown number of casualties....
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Iraqi Forces Capture Mosul Airport From ISIS, Storm Military Base


On Thursday, Iraqi’s militarized federal police launched an attack to seize Mosul’s airport from the Islamic State while Iraqi special forces entered the sprawling Ghazlani military base nearby. The attack began with U.S.-led airstrikes overnight, followed by a coordinated assault on the airport, and Iraqi forces have captured the runway and are fighting scattered...
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French Cop Kills Machete-Wielding Attacker At The Louvre [VIDEO]


A machete-wielding man and carrying two bags tried to enter the gift shop under the Paris Louvre museum, attacked one of the soldiers who told him he couldn’t enter, and yelled “Allahu Akbar” (God is great) before a soldier opened fire and shot him five times, including once in the abdomen Friday morning. “It...
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6 Killed In Shooting At Quebec City Mosque [VIDEO]


Gunmen killed six people and wounded eight others at a Quebec City mosque in what Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau called a “terrorist attack on Muslims” and the religious tolerance “that we, as Canadians, hold dear.” One suspect was arrested at the mosque, the Islamic Cultural Center of Quebec. Another suspect was arrested nearby...
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Turkey Nightclub Attack Suspect Confesses [VIDEO]


The suspected shooter in the New Year’s Eve attack on an upscale nightclub in Istanbul was captured late Monday night and then reportedly confessed to his actions. Abdulkadir Masharipov, reported to be from Uzbekistan, appears in photos posted by Turkish state media with a heavily bruised face. Masharipov, who was detained in the Esenyurt...
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4 Dead in Jerusalem Truck Attack [VIDEO]


At least four people were killed and more than a dozen others were injured in a truck attack in Jerusalem on Sunday, Israeli officials said. A spokesperson for Israel’s foreign press described it as a “possible terrorist attack” which hit soldiers as they were getting off of a bus. The perpetrator was then shot....
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ISIS Claims Deadly Istanbul Nightclub Attack [VIDEO]


ISIS claimed responsibility Monday morning for a deadly New Year’s Eve gun attack on Istanbul’s popular Reina nightclub, seeming to confirm the assessment of Turkish and U.S. intelligence officials. Turkish police have reportedly detained eight people in connection with the attack, although the gunman — who killed 39 people including 25 foreigners — is...
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At Least 39 Killed In Istanbul Nightclub Attack [VIDEO]


Police in Turkey announced that 16 foreign nationals were among the 39 people killed in a New Year’s Eve attack on a popular Istanbul nightclub early Sunday. The attack took place shortly after 1 a.m., when an attacker stormed in and began firing at partygoers with what Istanbul Governor Vasip Sahin described as some...
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Israel Censures Ambassadors For UN Vote [VIDEO]


Israel has summoned ambassa-dors from countries that voted against for a United Nations resolution this week against settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem. The measure passed after the United States did not vote instead of vetoing the measure. “From the information that we have, we have no doubt that the Obama administration...
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Italian Police Kill Berlin Market Attack Suspect Anis Amri In Milan


Police in Milan have shot and killed Anis Amri, the Tunisian man believed to have carried out the deadly truck attack on a Christmas market in Berlin on Monday, Italian Interior Minister Marco Minniti said Friday morning. “The person who was killed, there is no doubt that he is Anis Amri,” Minniti said, confirming...
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