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Live News Chat – Chat Room Rules


Live News Chat – IRC Network Chat Room Rules

    No Personal or sexist insults to other chatters
    No Threats
    No Racism or hate speech of any kind
    No Spamming
    No Complaining about the service or Mods
    NO LINKS TO OTHER WEBSITES INCLUDING WAREZ, TV STREAMS or SIMILAR. ONLY related NEWS links from reputable sources are allowed on the blog and IRC chat rooms.

If a MOD or ADMIN finds your chat is disruptive or abusive to the other chatters, you will be banned.

If you use multiple IP’s or account names, or if you access via a PROXY server, you will be banned.

You will be warned once, but you can be instantly banned by any MOD or ADMIN should you violate any of the rules (see how to get unbanned below).

Please try to keep the chat in English. Don’t be disrespectful to other users and try to engage in a positive discussion.

If you are having problems with a user use /ignore username and report him to a Mod.

If you are here just to TROLL, you will be banned in short order. (see trolling definition).

Getting Unbanned

If you have a problem with a Mod or believe you were banned by mistake, please send an email to chat(at)livenewschat(dot)eu explaining what happened and include your username used in the chat.

Once you are banned, you MUST be unbanned under your original name. Attempting to join the chat with another name once you are banned is prohibited. Joining the chat under another name will result in an IP ban on the servers and you will lose all access to the LNC site.

If you have a question in the chat, just ask a Mod or email us.

Be Cool and have fun.

Thanks for visiting & getting your news from LNC!