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Stream Won’t Load? Don’t Worry We’re Here To Help!

Sorry you are having trouble loading the stream. WE ARE HERE TO HELP.

If you are on a phone or tablet try our HTML5 streams CLICK HERE.

Alternatively you can use our FLASH site using the Puffin Browser (it’s fast & works great). Download Free HERE.

If the stream did not load it could be because of one of the following problems:

1. Your FLASH PLAYER is being blocked by Chrome (or other browser). In this case please check your permissions and make sure you allow FLASH on this site. In Chrome you can access these setting on the title bar of the web browser and click the ‘i’ on the left of the site name as SEE GRAPHIC BELOW:

Next to FLASH it should say “ALLOW”

2. You could be missing flash player if you’re using Safari, Firefox or another browser besides Chrome. (Chrome comes with Flash you just have to see point 1.

To install flash CLICK HERE.

3. If you are on a mobile device or another system that doesn’t allow have flash, you can try our html5 streams by clicking here.

4. We suggest using Chrome but if you’re having problems with Flash try multiple browsers and try turning your computer on and off, you’d be surprised how many issues get fixed with a simple re-boot.

Good luck. Join the chatroom for more help.

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