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How to do Live Streaming & Where can I See Live TV?

Top Questions we get on live news chat.

Where can I See Live TV and how to do Live Streaming? How to Live Stream from Your Computer – Your Desktop, your camera, or your TV. Well it will all be explained here. We will post articles on online live tv and how it works technically and practically.

Lots of people asked us how to live stream and for a LIVE STREAMING HOW TO. This article explains how Live Streaming from your Computer works, and how to do it on the Internet from your desktop computer.

This article on what is streaming and how to stream, to be posted June 2012. In the meantime, look at this chart and think.

5 Responses to How to do Live Streaming & Where can I See Live TV?

  1. patricia rose on 12/12/2012 at 15:07

    I did not finish my comment previously, thus, I have seen the result of years of work done in non-union work places and big money manufacturing plants.no retirement, no post retirement insurance and most times no insurance while working, no living wage, no paid sick leave, and verbal threats from management to never sign a card affirming unionizing. Where there fPreedom of choice in this and where is the true freedom for the working poor. People in textile plants did not sign union cards for years because of threats of plants being closed on them and then it happened anyway, the companies were able to find even cheaper labor in mexico, china, india, etc. ad nauseum. There are towns and communitiess in this nation dead and gone because of the greed of profiteers in the manufacturing arena. Workers are still living in fear that their plants will be gone and I know of one plant Dak Americas who have noto given their skilled workers a raise in 11 years. We must truly be responsible to our fellow man because we all could be there or someone we love could be there. Where are we going?

    • patricia rose on 12/12/2012 at 16:45

      I must ask one more question. Why don’t you have Rick Bragg, author and pulitzer prize winner and noted journalist on Morning Joe? He seems to know first-hand the plight of the working poor in the south. I do challenge you to invite him to participate in your panel.

  2. patricia rose on 12/12/2012 at 14:41

    Ii watch msnbc when I am not tied up helping my community and the people in it because I have seen, what I perceived, a comitted social conscience. This controversy over the “Right to Work” law in Michigan is appalling as well as the other 23 states. How many poor people died for the right to unionize for a working wage? I lived 12 miles from Hamlet in NC where dozens of workers died in a fire because the doors were locked so employees could not get out. I live in a huge retirement area outside Myrtle Beach, SC where a fireman moving here from new york can afford to retire at a young age and live comfortably and afford medical care and have a great sense of security and pride that he i considered a viable member of society. Tell me of a person’s so-called freedom to choose when he stands alone in trying to bargain for cost of living increases, retirement, safe working environment, non-hostile working environment.

  3. George Majercak on 04/07/2012 at 01:55

    Dear Comrades,

    Speaking for our immigrant community( former communist) ,several hundred strong, MSNBC is the
    worst news available . Left-wing ,liberal bias is reminding us for our native Eastern Block
    countries , Czechoslovakia, Poland ,East Germany and the government approved news.
    You are the free Obama propaganda machine. Shame at MSNBC. You are fabricating news just to please the Obama Administration. George Majercak and hundreds of cosigners (former communist)

    • one on 31/08/2012 at 04:09

      You must be a Fox News head…shameful got show how ignorant you are..

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