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Batshit Ben Carson Compares Refugees to “Rabid Dogs” [VIDEO]

November 20th 2015

Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson on Thursday likened refugees fleeing violence in Syria to “rabid dogs,” and said that allowing them into the United States would put Americans at risk. “If there is a rabid dog running around your neighborhood, you’re probably not going to assume something good about that dog,” Carson, a front-runner...
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Rubio Ad Targets Jeb, Trump Targets Carson Before Debate [VIDEO]

November 10th 2015

Before Jeb Bush started the phony attacks this is what he had to say about Marco Rubio. In this new ad by Rubio, it shows Jeb singing Rubio’s phrases! And here is TRUMP going after Carson at his rally last night:
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Watch Carson On CNN Full Interview VIDEO

November 6th 2015

Ben Carson hit back at CNN’s reporting into his past as a “bunch of lies” in a combative interview on Friday, strengthening his defense of his violent past that the media have thus far been unable to corroborate. “This is a bunch of lies, that is what it is,” Carson said on CNN’s “New...
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CNN Digs Into Carson History Of Childhood Violence Discover No Proof

November 5th 2015

Ben Carson‘s claims that he violently attacked his classmates, are not true according to a CNN investigation they could find no corroborating evidence that the incidents occurred. In his book Gifted Hands and in later interviews, Carson recounts how he used to have a violent temper as a child. In separate incidents, he describes...
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Donald Trump Interview “My father gave me ‘a small loan’ of $1 million to start out”

October 26th 2015

GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump speaks with Matt Lauer and answers questions from New Hampshire voters in the latest installment of the “Today” show’s monthly “Pancakes & Politics” town hall series. “I don’t think I have to do that. Everything I say, I can do. Everything I say, I will abide by,” he said....
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JEB! Has a Lot Of “Really Cool Things” He Could Be Doing [VIDEO]

October 26th 2015

Jeb Bush is no longer the joyful tortoise in the race. “Elect Trump if you want that.” Okay Jeb, drop out. Jeb Bush goes off this weekend saying: I Could Be Doing ‘Really Cool Things’ instead of Being President, You Know, “Elect Trump if you want that.” Okay Jeb, thanks for letting us know....
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