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Report: Russia Tested Anti-Satellite Weapon

December 21st 2016

Russia is believed to have tested an anti-satellite weapon, sources told CNN early Wednesday. U.S. officials, who tracked it, said they believe it did not destroy anything because it did not create debris. They also believe Russia sent kamikaze satellites, known in Russia as “Kosmos 2499,” which have the power to cripple or destroy...
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Buses burned on way to evacuate besieged Syrian villages

December 18th 2016

The evacuation to transfer out trapped civilians and fighters in eastern Aleppo, as well as two Syrian villages, was thrown into doubt on Sunday when assailants torched six buses assigned to the operation. The buses were to take part in the evacuation of over 2,000 wounded and sick Syrians from Foua and Kfarya, two...
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UN: Aleppo Civilians ‘Shot on the Spot’ [VIDEO]

December 13th 2016

Syrian government troops in Aleppo have been reportedly going door-to-door killing civilians Tuesday in the holdout city’s sole remaining rebel-held enclave—a development the United Nations human-rights office termed “a complete meltdown of humanity.” The UN office said it had reliable evidence that at least 82 civilians, including 11 women and 13 children, have been...
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Russia, Syria Halt Aleppo Airstrikes Ahead of ‘Truce’ [VIDEO]

October 18th 2016

Russia and Syria on Tuesday claimed they would halt their airstrikes on the besieged city of Aleppo to prepare for a “humanitarian pause” on Thursday. Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said the strikes were suspended at 10 a.m. Tuesday to prepare for the temporary truce from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Thursday—a cease-fire that...
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Aleppo Moment: Johnson Can’t Name Favorite Foreign Leader [VIDEO]

September 29th 2016

Introducing a “lightning round” during Wednesday evening’s Libertarian town-hall meeting on MSNBC, host Chris Matthews said, “This is where we have fun, and maybe make some news.” Third-party candidate Gary Johnson ended up doing the latter when he was asked to name his favorite world leader and drew a complete blank. Johnson’s running mate,...
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Gary Johnson shock “Morning Joe” hosts by asking “What is Aleppo?”

September 8th 2016

The Libertarian candidate for president apparently has not been keeping close tabs on the Syrian civil war that has decimated the country and created hundreds of thousands of refugees. “What would you do if you were elected about Aleppo?” Mike Barnicle asked Gary Johnson on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.” “About?” Johnson asked. “Aleppo,” Barnicle repeated,...
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UN Syria Envoy Suspends Humanitarian Effort

August 18th 2016

A humanitarian task force with the United Nations in Syria has on Thursday suspended its efforts amid continued violence in the country, which has been ravaged by more than five years of civil war. A day before, Syrian opposition activists released images of a 5-year-old child who was pulled from the devastation of an...
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3 Hospitals In Syria’s Aleppo Bombed in 3 Hours [VIDEO]

June 9th 2016

Three hospitals were bombed in the space of three hours in Syria’s war-ravaged city of Aleppo, the United Nations children’s program said. The medical facilities bombed Wednesday were on the rebel-held eastern side of the city, UNICEF regional director Peter Salama said in a statement. “Everyone must question their humanity when babies have to...
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27 Killed in Aleppo’s Syrian Hospital Airstrike [VIDEO]

April 28th 2016

At least 27 people, including three children and one of Aleppo’s last pediatricians, were killed in an airstrike at a hospital in the Syrian city. The Al Quds hospital was hit Wednesday by a fighter jet missile, and pediatrician Wasem Maaz was among the fatalities. The hospital was supported by Doctors Without Borders in...
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