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Professor Wants To Dig Deep Into The Health Benefits Of Nose Picking

April 26th 2013

An associate professor of biochemistry at the University of Saskatchewan is trying to get more students interested in science by looking at the health benefits of picking your nose and eating it. Scott Napper says nature pushes us to do different things because it is to our advantage to have certain behaviours, to consume...
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Dozens Test Positive For Hepatitis, HIV In ‘Dirty Dentist’ Case

April 19th 2013

Dozens of patients have tested positive for communicable diseases as the result of an investigation into the practices of a Tulsa oral surgeon. The Oklahoma State Health Department confirms to KRMG that after testing more than 3,000 patients of Dr. Scott Harrington, 57 have tested positive for Hepatitis C, and three more for Hepatitis...
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Morning-After Pill Available Over The Counter To All Ages In US

April 5th 2013

A federal judge in New York has ordered the Food and Drug Administration to make the “morning-after” pill available over the counter and without prescription to girls of all ages. The ruling overturns a decision in 2011 by Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius which barred over-the-counter sales of the controversial pill to...
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Sugary Drinks Tied To 180,000 Deaths Worldwide

March 20th 2013

Sugary Drinks Tied To 180,000 Deaths Worldwide Consumption of soda and other sugar-sweetened beverages may contribute to hundreds of thousands of deaths around the world, mainly due to type 2 diabetes, a new study says. The results show sugar-sweetened beverage consumption is linked to 180,000 deaths a year worldwide, including 25,000 deaths a year...
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US Government To Revise Cigarette Warning Label

March 20th 2013

US Government To Revise Cigarette Warning Label The U.S. government is abandoning a legal battle to require that cigarette packs carry a set of large warning labels depicting the dangers of smoking and encouraging smokers to quit, according to a letter from Attorney General Eric Holder obtained by Associated Press. Instead, the Food and...
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Lululemon Expects Worldwide ‘Shortage’ After Recall Of See-Through Yoga Pants

March 19th 2013

After Lululemon unwittingly churned out thousands of apparently see-through yoga pants, the company is now facing a worldwide shortage of its iconic hip-hugging bottoms. “We have determined that certain shipments of product received from our factories … do not meet our technical specifications,” wrote the company in a Monday afternoon statement titled “Black Luon...
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Processed Meat Linked to Early Death

March 7th 2013

Processed Meat Linked to Early Death Looking for another excuse to start eating like a Mediterranean? Look no further than this new study from the medical journal BMC Medicine. Researchers followed people from 10 European countries over an average of 13 years and concluded that diets heavy in processed meats—bacon, ham, sausage, and the...
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Baby Now Free Of HIV Has Doctors Talking

March 4th 2013

A baby born infected with the AIDS virus who got immediate treatment now has no detectable virus in her blood. Her case, presented to a meeting of AIDS researchers, will prompt questions about how early babies should be treated. It also illustrates the possibility that immediate treatment with HIV drugs could do a lot...
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Report: Keystone XL Pipeline Would Have Little Impact On Climate Change

March 2nd 2013

The State Department released a draft environmental impact assessment of the controversial Keystone XL pipeline Friday, suggesting the project would have little impact on climate change, the Washington Post reported. Canada’s oil sands will be developed even if President Obama denies a permit to the pipeline connecting the region to Gulf Coast refineries, the...
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Teenage Highway Deaths Jumped In 2012

February 26th 2013

Teenage Highway Deaths Jumped In 2012 Teenagers are dying in car crashes at a much higher rate, particularly 16- and 17-year-olds. Their death rate jumped 19% nationwide, with 240 killed in the first 6 months of last year, according to a report by the Governors Highway Safety Association. News that teenage deaths rose last...
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Revealed: Morning-After Pill Not Making Women Slutty

February 19th 2013

The so-called morning-after pill has exploded in popularity since it was first approved by the Food and Drug Administration 15 years ago. According to a new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 5.8 million American women used emergency contraception (EC) between 2006 and 2010. Nearly a quarter of sexually active women...
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Tax Fizzy Drinks And Ban Junk Food Ads, Say UK Doctors

February 18th 2013

Fizzy drinks should be heavily taxed and junk food adverts banished until after the watershed, doctors have said, in a call for action over obesity. The Academy of Medical Royal Colleges, which represents nearly every doctor in the UK, said ballooning waistlines already constituted a “huge crisis”. Its report said current measures were failing...
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Toxic Fog UT: Pregnant Women And Children Urged To Stay Indoors As Pollution Goes ‘Off The Charts’

January 25th 2013

Two million people are at risk from a toxic fog that has descended over Utah as pollution levels in Salt Lake City reach an all-time high. The icy fog has smothered the Salt Lake Valley for several weeks and trapped lung-busting soot emitted in the city underneath. The level of pollution in the city...
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Flu Season Getting Worse Across US; 29 Children Killed So Far

January 18th 2013

The flu season is getting worse across the United States with 48 states reporting widespread geographic influenza activity, the Centers for Disease Control said in its weekly report. The season is hitting the elderly the hardest, but 29 children have also died so far. More than 5,000 people have been sick enough to be...
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ER Visits Tied To Energy Drinks Doubles Since 2007, Survey Finds

January 16th 2013

A new government survey suggests the number of people seeking emergency treatment after consuming energy drinks has doubled nationwide during the past four years, the same period in which the supercharged drink industry has surged in popularity in convenience stores, bars and on college campuses. From 2007 to 2011, the government estimates the number...
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Jon Stewart Destroys The Right On Gun Control: We Can’t Do Anything Because You Fear ‘Imaginary Hitler’

January 9th 2013

Tonight Jon Stewart took on the topic of the right’s response to gun control in the wake of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in Newtown, Connecticut. “Finally, everybody is ready to talk about gun violence,” he said. “Nothing is off the table, no bad idea, it’s a safe space. Let’s start the discussion...
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Boycott Wendy’s And Taco Bell – SAY NO TO FATTENING FOOD – Wendy’s, Taco Bell Franchises Are Latest To Cut Employee Hours, Blaming Obamacare

January 8th 2013

Two more fast food franchises are cutting worker hours in order to avoid paying for Obamacare-mandated employee health care. According to local Nebraska NBC affiliate WOWT, around 100 Wendy’s employees in the Omaha area are going to see their hours reduced to 28 hours a week, meaning they will no longer qualify for the...
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Amy Winehouse Inquest: Singer Drank Herself To Death

January 8th 2013

Singer Amy Winehouse died after drinking too much alcohol, a second inquest has confirmed. > Dr Shirley Radcliffe, St Pancras Coroner, recorded a verdict of misadventure, the same as the original inquest in October 2011. The hearing also heard the same evidence as the first inquest. > The hearing was told the star was...
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