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FBI in Denver: 3 girls tried to join Islamic State extremists

October 22nd 2014

The FBI in Denver confirmed that three Colorado teenagers were stopped on their way to apparently join Islamic State fighters in the Middle East. The girls are “safe and reunited with their families,” spokeswoman Suzie Payne said.
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Turkey Won’t Go Alone Against ISIS

October 9th 2014

As criticism of its inaction mounts, Turkey’s foreign minister declared Thursday that it is not “realistic” for everybody to expect Turkey to launch a ground war against ISIS. Mevlut Cavusoglu also said that it is not possible for airstrikes to “clean the whole region of ISIS and other terrorists.” Criticism within Turkey has also...
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Canada Approves ISIS Airstrikes in Iraq

October 8th 2014

Canada’s parliament has authorized the country’s armed forces to join U.S.-led airstrikes against ISIS militants in Iraq. The vote allows the strikes for up to six months, but rules out the use of ground troops. The Canadians will provide as many as six CF-18 fighter planes, as well as surveillance and refueling aircraft. Canada...
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ISIS Hostage Kassig Says He’s Scared to Die

October 6th 2014

The parents of Peter Kassig, the former U.S. Army Ranger being held captive by ISIS and threatened with beheading, have released a letter written by their son earlier this year in which he says he is afraid to die but is at peace with his conversion to Islam. In the letter, the 26-year-old hostage...
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ISIS Poised to Conquer Syrian City

October 6th 2014

ISIS militants are close to entering Kobani, a mostly Kurdish city in northern Syria near the border with Turkey, which the extremist group has been laying siege to for weeks. According to Kurdish officials, U.S. airstrikes have done little to deter ISIS from advancing on the city and militant forces are two kilometers from...
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Jon Stewart blasts ‘motherf*ckers’ in Congress for avoiding debate on ISIS [VIDEO]

September 30th 2014

Jon Stewart blasts ‘motherf*ckers’ in Congress for avoiding debate on ISIS Daily Show host Jon Stewart ripped U.S. lawmakers on Monday for refusing to debate on expanding the country’s fight against the Islamic State extremist group — quite unlike their counterparts in the United Kingdom. “In a time of war, our congressional inaction...
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[VIDEO & Transcript] 60 Minutes President Obama Interview: What makes us America

September 29th 2014

60 Minutes President Obama Interview: What makes us America Steve Kroft: A lot of things going on in the world right now. A lot of them bad. You run into people on the street and they say the world is falling apart. You got Syria. You’ve got Iraq. You’ve got Ukraine....
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FBI chief: Militant in beheading video is identified

September 26th 2014

The U.S. believes it has identified the British-accented masked man in the videos depicting the beheadings of two American journalists and a British aid worker, the FBI director says. FBI Director James Comey told reporters at the bureau’s headquarters he would not reveal the man’s name or nationality.
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[Transcript & Video] Pres. Obama Delivers a Powerful Speech at the U.N.

September 24th 2014

U.S. will do what is necessary to secure freedom for generations to come, President Obama tells the U.N. Highlights: President Barack Obama sought to rally the world and especially Muslim countries to join the American fight against ISIS militants a “network of death” that “must be destroyed”. “No God condones this terror,” he told...
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70+ ISIS Fighters Killed: US Forces Begin Air Assault on Syria [VIDEO]

September 23rd 2014

The war on ISIS, and an Al Qaeda affiliate in Syria, began last night with over 20 targets hit in Syria overnight. Reports are that at least 70 ISIS members have been killed in the attacks, but were not the focus of the mission. These initial attacks are said to be aimed at degrading...
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