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4 Dead in Jerusalem Truck Attack [VIDEO]


At least four people were killed and more than a dozen others were injured in a truck attack in Jerusalem on Sunday, Israeli officials said. A spokesperson for Israel’s foreign press described it as a “possible terrorist attack” which hit soldiers as they were getting off of a bus. The perpetrator was then shot....
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GOP Plans To Tear Down Obama’s Legacy As New 115th Congress Sworn In Today


The 115th Congress begins Tuesday with Republicans, set to control the House, Senate, and presidency for the first time since 2006, planning to start dismantling many Obama-era financial and environmental regulations, and undo parts of Obama’s signature healthcare reform law. President Obama is meeting with fellow Democrats on Wednesday to discuss how to prevent...
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Trump On “Russia Mess”: We Should “Get On With Our Lives”


President-elect Donald Trump on Wednesday dismissed talk of sanctioning Russia for interfering in the presidential election, offering what sounded more like a post-breakup pep talk than anything else. “I think we ought to get on with our lives,” he told reporters outside his Mar-A-Lago estate. As for the conclusion of U.S. intelligence agencies that...
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Trump: The UN ‘Just A Club’ For People To ‘Have A Good Time’


President-elect Donald Trump on Monday afternoon took to Twitter to air his thoughts about the United Nations, calling the international diplomacy group “just a club for people to get together, talk, and have a good time.” Trump said the organization has “such great potential” but neglects to use it, saying the state of the...
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Israel Moves Ahead With East Jerusalem Settlement Plan Despite UN Vote


Following the U.N. Security Council resolution condemning the building of settlements in East Jerusalem and the West Bank, the Israeli Foreign Ministry said Tuesday the country is limiting its “work contacts” with 10 countries that voted in its favor. A spokesman explained Israel would curtail “travels of officials from Israel” to Britain, Russia, France,...
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Israel Censures Ambassadors For UN Vote [VIDEO]


Israel has summoned ambassa-dors from countries that voted against for a United Nations resolution this week against settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem. The measure passed after the United States did not vote instead of vetoing the measure. “From the information that we have, we have no doubt that the Obama administration...
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US Abstains As UN Votes To End Israeli Settlements


The United Nations Security Council on Friday voted in favor of a resolution calling for the end of Israeli settlements. Fourteen of the body’s 15 member states voted in favor of the measure, while the United States abstained. In advance of the vote, Democratic and Republican lawmakers called on the Obama administration to block...
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Trump Urges Obama To Veto U.N. Resolution On Israeli Settlements


President-elect Donald J. Trump publicly pressured President Obama on Thursday to veto a United Nations resolution critical of Israel, the newly elected leaders most direct intervention in foreign policy during his transition to power. Mr. Trump called on the president to use the United States veto in the United Nations Security Council to block...
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Trump Picked Rigth Wing Hard-Liner David Friedman As AMB To Israel


President-elect Donald Trump on Thursday named far-right Israel supporter David Friedman as his pick for U.S. ambassador to Israel, a move that angered liberal U.S. Jewish groups. In a statement announcing his decision, Trump said he was confident Friedman would “maintain the special relationship between our two countries.” Friedman, a Long Island bankruptcy lawyer...
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Former Israeli President Shimon Peres Dies [VIDEO]


Shimon Peres, who served as prime minister of Israel twice and as the country’s ninth president, died late Tuesday at the age of 93, two weeks after suffering a stroke. He was on a respirator in the hospital and his condition deteriorated. Peres was one of the architects of the Oslo peace accords that...
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Netanyahu To Meet Candidates On Sunday


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will meet with both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton on Sunday in separate meetings in New York, just a day before their first debate. Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah al-Sissi also met with both candidates this past week in New York after vising for the UN’s annual gathering. Netanyahu wants to...
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Jeremy Corbyn Compare Israeli Government To Islamic State [VIDEO]


Jeremy Corbyn was engulfed in a fresh row over Israel when he appeared to compare the government of Benjamin Netanyahu to Islamic State at the launch of an independent review into antisemitism in the Labour party. In prepared remarks, Corbyn said: “Our Jewish friends are no more responsible for the actions of Israel or...
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Israeli Defense Minister Resigns Blaming Netanyahu


Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon resigned from his post on Friday, citing “extremist and dangerous elements” that are threatening instability in the country. “I fought with all my might against manifestations of extremism, violence and racism in Israeli society that threatens its sturdiness and is seeping into the army and already damaging it,” Yaalon,...
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Israel Bus Bombing Injures 20+


According to Israeli radio reports, a bomb explosion has injured at least 20 people aboard a Jerusalem bus line on Monday evening. According to The Times of Israel, police are exploring whether the explosion was terrorist in nature. They also indicated that the exploded bus was empty at the time, and that most of...
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Two Fired Iran Missiles Marked With ‘Israel Must Be Wiped Out’ [VIDEO]


Iran test-fired two ballistic missiles with the phrase “Israel must be wiped out” written on them Wednesday, according to media reports. The country’s semiofficial Fars news agency said the missiles were fired at a target 870 miles away. It came the day after Iran’s Revolutionary Guard said it test-fired several ballistic missiles as part...
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U.S. Stabbing Victim In Israel Identified [VIDEO]


The American killed in a stabbing attack Tuesday evening in Israel has been identified as 29-year-old Taylor Force, a graduate student at Vanderbilt University. Force’s wife was severely injured in the same stabbing spree, which left nearly a dozen others injured in Jaffa. “It is with extreme sadness that I write to inform you...
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Israel PM Wants Fence for ‘Wild Beasts’ [VIDEO]


Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has announced that he plans to surround Israel with (another) fence to protect it from invasion by Palestinians and other Arab states. He described the potentially infiltrating citizens as “wild beasts”—also translated as “predators”—and quickly garnered critics in his own cabinet. Education Minister Naftali Bennett said: “We are wrapping ourselves...
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Hamas Says It Continues To Build Tunnels To Attack Israel [VIDEO]


A senior leader of Hamas, the Islamic militant group that rules Gaza, says its gunmen continue to build attack tunnels into Israel. Ismail Haniyeh said Friday that militants dig tunnels and test rockets to attack Israel “every day.” He spoke at the funeral of 7 militants who died this week when a tunnel from...
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Israeli TV Reporter Stabbed Demonstrating ‘Knife-Proof’ Vest [VIDEO]


An Israeli reporter has been accidentally stabbed – while filming an item demonstrating a stab-proof vest. Yaniv Montakyo, the vice president of the company which designed the vest, accidentally struck reporter Eitam Lachover on an area not protected by it. Mr Lachover received stitches for the wound and was discharged from hospital.
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Two killed, Seven Wounded in Shooting at Tel Aviv Pub [VIDEOS]


Massive manhunt underway for suspect, identified as an Israeli Arab; two seriously wounded in shooting on corner of Gordon and Dizengoff. There is growing consensus among security officials that shooting was a terrorist attack. Here is video from two CCTV Cams that caught the gunman during his attack: This is from the store next...
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11 Wounded in Jerusalem Car Attack [VIDEO]


Eleven people were wounded in Jerusalem when a car rammed a bus stop Monday. The driver was shot by bystanders, police said, and has been identified as Abed Almohsin Hassoneh from East Jerusalem. A elderly woman and an 18-month-old child suffered moderate injuries, while the rest were injured lightly.
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Israeli Spy Freed From U.S. Prison [VIDEO]


Convicted Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard was released from a North Carolina federal prison Friday morning after serving 30 years behind bars. The 61-year-old former intelligence officer was arrested for spying on behalf of Israel in 1985 and was given a life sentence. Pollard cannot leave the country without permission and will spend at least...
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Deadly Attack At Israel Bus Station [VIDEO]


An Israeli hospital speaker said an Eritrean migrant, who was mistaken as an attacker during a bus-station shooting, died of his wounds late Sunday. Officials said an Israeli soldier was also killed during the shooting at the central bus station in Beersheba that left at least six people wounded. Some reports say as many...
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3 Dead, 20 Injured in Israel Attacks [VIDEO]


At least three people were killed and 20 injured Tuesday in a series of violent attacks around Israel, prompting the mayor of Jerusalem to call for the government to “immediately implement drastic measures” to protect citizens. Two people were killed on a bus in Jerusalem when two men opened fire and stabbed passengers; one...
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Mike Huckabee Says Obama Marching Israel To ‘Door Of The Oven’ [VIDEO]


Mike Huckabee accused President Barack Obama of marching Israelis to “the door of the oven” by agreeing to the Iran nuclear deal. “This president’s foreign policy is the most feckless in American history. It is so naive that he would trust the Iranians. By doing so, he will take the Israelis and march them...
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Netanyahu: Iran Deal Is Historic Mistake [VIDEO]


Israeli Prime Minister Bejamin Netanyahu condemned the landmark nuclear deal with Iran before it was finalized Tuesday, describing it as “a bad mistake of historic proportions.” Before a meeting with Dutch Foreign Minister Bert Koenders in Jerusalem, Netanyahu warned any deal was a giving Iran a “sure path to nuclear weapons.” Other officials, including...
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Ethiopian-Israeli Protest Against Police Brutality Turn Violent [VIDEO]


The clashes between Ethiopian-Israeli protesters and police over the weekend have drawn international attention to one of the most disadvantaged groups in Israel. Though the demonstrations were set off by the police beating of a uniformed Israeli soldier, captured on video, experts say the issues between the Ethiopian-Israeli community and the government are not...
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Jon Stewart: The Deal World – Iran Nuclear “Agreement”


The U.S. and Iran make significant strides towards reaching a historic nuclear deal, but Congress Republicans and Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu are not impressed.
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Israel Spied on U.S. Talks With Iran [VIDEO]


Israel spied on personal discussions US had with Iran on nuclear arms, and provided advice to members of Congress as a way to gain assistance against the offer. Mentioning senior White House officials, the statement asserts Israeli Prime-Minister Benjamin Netanyahu needed information that’s inside on closed door discussions so he can gain help and...
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Israeli Election: Netanyahu declares victory but opposition won’t concede


Israel elections: Netanyahu declares ‘great victory’ as exit polls show tie with Herzog. Isaac Herzog leads prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu by slim margin. Netanyahu appeals to right wing by rejecting Palestinian statehood. WATCH LIVE ON ISRAELI ENGLISH TV
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