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Stewart On ‘Sociopath’ Trump: ‘What The F*ck Is Wrong With This Guy?’

October 10th 2017

Jon Stewart stopped by Stephen Colbert’s show to send a message to the president. Colbert started by mocking Trump’s tweet attack on late night comedians, asking if he should get “equal time” instead of the constant “anti-Trump” humor. While his initial reaction was “no,” the host was feeling charitable and decided to give him...
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Jon Stewart Announces Two Comedy Specials on HBO

July 26th 2017

Jon Stewart is returning to standup. The former Daily Show host is set to headline two comedy specials on HBO, Stewart’s first in over 20 years. The news was announced at the Television Critics Association press tour on Wednesday afternoon. Additionally, this fall Stewart will host the latest “Night of Too Many Stars” all-star...
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Jon Stewart Defends Colbert’s During Daily Show Reunion [VIDEO]

May 10th 2017

“I don’t feel comfortable,” joked Stewart during his guest appearance on the show Tuesday night. “I know you’re comfortable, I don’t feel comfortable. I’ll tell you why I don’t feel comfortable — I’ve been reading about you. I’ve been seeing you in the news… You have a potty mouth.” “That I do, but might...
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Jon Stewart To The Media: It’s Time To Get Your Groove Back [VIDEO]

February 28th 2017

Jon Stewart stopped by Late Show with Stephen Colbert last night. Worried that the mainstream media’s breakup with President Trump has reporters feeling blue, Jon Stewart stops by with relationship advice.
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Jon Stewart Impersonates Trump On Colbert’s Show [VIDEO]

February 1st 2017

Jon Stewart appeared last night on The Colbert Show impersonating Donald Trump to share possible executive orders waiting to be signed by the president. “I thought this is how men dress now,” he explained. “The president sets men’s fashion and I saw the inauguration — super long tie, dead animal on head. It’s the...
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Trump Nears Fraud Settlement

November 18th 2016

Despite earlier claims that he would refuse to settle the Trump University fraud case, President-elect Donald Trump is reportedly nearing a settlement. The New York Daily News reports that Trump is likely to pay between $20 million and $25 million to settle the issue before his inauguration. The agreement, which may be announced as...
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Jon Stewart To CBS: Thoughts on the Election [VIDEO]

November 17th 2016

Stewart gives a post-election analysis to “CBS This Morning” co-host Charlie Rose Wednesday and talks about his new book about the more than 16 years he spent at the Comedy Central program. “We just went through an election,” Rose said. “What?” Stewart joked, laughing. “Yes. Your reaction to this election? Surprise?” Rose asked. “In...
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Jon Stewart & Samantha Bee Knows Who To Blame For Trump Presidency

November 15th 2016

Jon Stewart visited Samantha Bee’s Full Frontal as she confronted the blame being ascribed to the media for Donald Trump having won the White House. “Right now there’s a lot of blaming going on,” Bee noted, ticking off the blame-game going on since Election Day: Bernie Sanders supporter blaming Hillary Clinton, Hillary voters blaming...
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Stewart & Colbert Join Forces For A Final Trump Takedown [VIDEO]

November 8th 2016

Jon Stewart returned to the ‘Late Show’ once more before Election Day to help Colbert convince Americans to vote against Donald Trump. “There’s nothing in the law that says the people have to vote. Let the child do what she wants, don’t stuff voting down her throat!” Stewart sang, before Colbert stopped him and...
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Jon Stewart Rips Donald Trump At NY Event [VIDEO]

November 2nd 2016

Jon Stewart didn’t wasted any time mocking the Donald at a Tuesday event, specifically scoffing at his claims that the system might be “rigged” against him. “Dude, you live in a tower with your name on it in gold,” Stewart said at a Stand Up for Heroes benefit in New York. “How well would...
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WATCH Jon Stewart Saying Goodbye To Larry Wilmore [VIDEO]

August 19th 2016

‘Nightly Show’ producer Jon Stewart helped say goodbye to Larry Wilmore on his final night as a late-night host. “The last show — oh my god, what did you do, piss off Peter Thiel?” the retired TV vet joked. He recounted his own experiences with show business failure, telling Wilmore pointedly, “Do not confuse...
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Jon Stewart to Trump supporters: ‘This Country Isn’t Yours, You Don’t Own It’

July 22nd 2016

Jon Stewart sat behind Stephen Colbert’s desk on Thursday night following the Republican National Convention and provided a furious rebuke to the commentary offered during the four-day event. “The Republicans appear to have a very clear plan for America. They articulated it throughout the convention. No. 1, jail your political opponent. No. 2, inject...
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Jon Stewart And Colbert Try To Make Sense Of RNC [VIDEO]

July 19th 2016

Jon’s on every night this week – and Lewis Black, John Oliver and Elizabeth Warren will be dropping by as well.
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David Letterman & Jon Stewart Received Peabody Awards

May 23rd 2016

David Letterman and Jon Stewart received special achievement honors at the 75th annual Peabody Awards on Saturday. The two former late-night hosts received the awards alongside many other major television shows including “Mr. Robot.” “I’m shocked at the breadth and somewhat disappointed at the terrible conditions in the world that you all are addressing...
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Jon Stewart Calls Trump A ‘Man-Baby’ [VIDEO]

May 9th 2016

“Are you eligible to run if you’re a man-baby, or a baby-man?” Stewart asked David Axelrod during a live taping of Axelrod’s podcast in Chicago. “I don’t know if they’re referred to as man-baby Americans. He is a man-baby. He has the physical countenance of a man and a baby’s temperament and hands.” Stewart...
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Stewart Trumps It Up For 911 Responders On Colbert Late Show [VIDEO]

December 11th 2015

Jon Stewart crash The Late Show With Stephen Colbert in order to support the renewal of the Zadroga Act, which provides health care to 9/11 first responders. Stewart started with, “After the sacrifice that our first responders made –” just to be interrupted by a “Boriiing!” from Colbert. “I hate to go pro on...
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Stewart Is Back To Shame Congress Over #WorstResponders [VIDEO]

December 8th 2015

Jon Stewart returned to The Daily Show for the first time since passing the torch to new host Trevor Noah in August to provide an update on a cause he has been supporting for years: Funding healthcare for 9/11 first responders. Stewart popped up in the second half of the show (“Are you lost?”...
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Jon Stewart Signs With HBO 4 Year Production Pack

November 3rd 2015

Jon Stewart has signed an exclusive four-year “production pact” with HBO to create short-form digital content “which will be refreshed on HBO Now multiple times throughout the day,” the cable network announced Tuesday. “Appearing on television 22 minutes a night clearly broke me,” Stewart said in a press release. “I’m pretty sure I can...
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The Daily Show Starts Tonight With Trevor Noah As New Host

September 28th 2015

Trevor Noah, 31-year-old South African comedian is replacing Jon Stewart as host of “The Daily Show,” starting Monday night. “The joke we have in the building is that I’m the Boy King with a lot of responsibility,” he says, “but with a lot of great people who can guide me.” “I’m having nightmares,” Noah...
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Correspondants, Colbert Says Goodbye To Jon Stewart [VIDEO]

August 7th 2015

From Steve Carell, Trevor Noah to Stephen Colbert, a Springsteen performance, and dick jokes in Jon Stewart’s farewell episode as Daily Show host Thursday night. There was a big group hug of former cast members. There were taped shoutouts to the “jackass” and “smartass” Stewart from big-name politicos. And while nemesis Roger Ailes and...
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Jon Stewart ‘eviscerates’ news coverage of The Daily Show [VIDEO]

August 6th 2015

“I feel like what we’ve built here is a monument to evisceration,” Stewart said, adding, “If you’re still walking around with a belly full of viscera, know this: we didn’t forget you. We’ll put it all up on the web.” After showing a plethora of headlines praising him for “eviscerating,” “pummeling” or “crushing” the...
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Stewart: “This Trump guy is a rich, crazy, egotistical monster” [VIDEO]

July 31st 2015

Jon Stewart found it amusing tonight that a few years ago, the RNC acknowledged the GOP needed to be more inclusive and not so out-of-touch, but it’s Donald Trump who’s leading the polls. Because if the lesson from 2012, Stewart observed was to show the GOP isn’t “rich, out-of-touch white men who were alienating...
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Jon Stewart On WH Visits: Obama Wanted to Know Why I’m ‘Such an Asshole’

July 30th 2015

Jon Stewart commented on the media furor over his “secret” meetings with President Obama in the White House. “It was a roundtable meeting with the President, Elvis — still alive — Minister Farrakhan, and the Area 51 alien,” Stewart quipped. “We opened with the traditional Saul Alinsky prayer, sucked on the blood of...
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Jon Stewart tells Larry Wilmore about ‘secret’ meetings with Obama [VIDEO]

July 29th 2015

Larry Wilmore wants to know what is like for Jon Stewart and President Obama heading to the end of their jobs. Larry said Obama’s recent trip to Kenya, where some conspiracy theorists believe the president was born, shows he simply “don’t give a f*ck.” Stewart, whose iconic 17-year run as host of “The Daily...
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Jon Stewart Answers: Fuck, marry or kill Colbert, Oliver or Wilmore [VIDEO]

July 29th 2015

Stewart answered some questions submitted online — with correspondents Jordan Klepper and Hasan Minhaj there to “coax” him into answering truthfully. “If I wanted jokes, I would’ve asked someone funnier,” Minhaj snarked after Stewart tried to avoid a question on what he scribbles on his scripts during the show. In response, Klepper subjected the...
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Jon Stewart Is Left Completely Speechless By Mike Huckabee [VIDEO]

July 28th 2015

Jon Stewart literally let Mike Huckabee’s history of over-the-top rhetoric do all the talking. Stewart kicked off his silent segment by replaying Huckabee’s accusation that a nuclear agreement between the US and Iran would send Israel to the “door of the oven,” a deliberate reference to the Holocaust.
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Stewart: Trump Is Like ‘Eating Ice Cream on a Roller Coaster Made of Blowjobs’

July 24th 2015

No matter what other news emerges about the 2016 presidential race, Jon contends that nothing is as mesmerizing as Donald Trump’s campaign spectacle. Jon Stewart says watching Trump Is Like ‘Eating Ice Cream on a Roller Coaster Made of Blowjobs’
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Jon On Trump ‘Masturbation’ Styled Campaigned [VIDEO]

July 23rd 2015

Jon Stewart tried to move on from Donald Trump to more important issues because, he said, “Much like incessant masturbation, eventually you feel a deep sense of shame. Not enough to stop you from doing it entirely, but enough to slow you down a bit.” Stewart did move on to the Iran deal and...
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Part 1 – President Obama To Jon Stewart: You ‘Cannot Leave’ [VIDEO]

July 22nd 2015

President Barack Obama joke with Stewart in his final interview about him departing “I can’t believe you’re leaving before me. I’m going to issue an executive order,” “Jon Stewart cannot leave the show. It’s being challenged in the courts.” The president stopped by to pitch the Iran nuclear deal while also sharing his thoughts...
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Part 2 – Jon To Obama: You don’t have much time left to put us all in FEMA camps

July 22nd 2015

“You don’t have that much time to take away Americans’ guns, declare martial law, and put hardworking Americans in FEMA camps,” Stewart joke with Obama. “If you’re gonna do that, you’d better get started.” Part 1 Part 2 Part 3
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