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Rest in Peace, Ed Schultz – LET’S GET TO WORK!

July 6th 2018

Ed Schultz, a former conservative radio show host whose politics moved left before he joined MSNBC’s nightly lineup in 2009 and then shifted again when he was hired by RT America, Russia’s state-financed international cable network, died on Thursday at his home in Washington. He was 64. His death was announced by RT America,...
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‘Fire him today’: Viewers demand MSNBC drop Hugh Hewitt

May 9th 2018

‘Fire him today’: Viewers demand MSNBC drop Hugh Hewitt after report reveals unethical favors from Scott Pruitt. MSNBC viewers on Tuesday threatened to boycott MSNBC if the network does not fire conservative commentator Hugh Hewitt after a report revealed that he had received special favors from embattled EPA chief Scott Pruitt. Politico reported on...
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Roy Moore’s Lawyer Goes All Racist On MSNBC’s Ali Velshi [VIDEO]

November 16th 2017

Trenton Garmon, the attorney for Roy Moore’s foundation who called Don Lemon “lemon squeezy” last week, is not quite done making strange comments about the hosts of the cable news shows he’s on. MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle asked Garmon on Wednesday, “Why would he need permission from any of these girls’ mothers if they weren’t...
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Morning Joe: Best For U.S. If Trump Sticks To ‘Fox Friends & Reading Happy Stories’

August 9th 2017

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough commented this morning about a Vice News report suggesting that President Trump receives a dossier twice a day containing nothing but images of positive headlines and tweets from around the Internet. That dossier is affectionately known as the “Propaganda Document.” “Would we rather have people deliver Donald Trump a dossier of...
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Lawrence O’Donnell Is Staying At MSNBC

June 1st 2017

Lawrence O’Donnell, the MSNBC primetime host of The Last Word, implied Wednesday evening that he has signed another contract to remain at the NBCUniversal-owned cable-news outlet. O’Donnell was the subject of rumors over whether he might part ways with the network, but that was largely put to rest when he tweeted, “Yes I will...
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Morning Joe Co-Hosts Mika Brzezinski And Joe Scarborough Engaged

May 4th 2017

Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski, cohosts of MSNBC’s Morning Joe, are engaged. The network confirmed the engagement on Thursday. The couple went on a romantic vacation to the south of France over the weekend to celebrate Brzezinski’s 50th birthday and, while overseas, agreed to tie the knot. The 54-year-old Scarborough proposed on one knee...
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MSNBC: Nicolle Wallace Gets a Show, Hugh Hewitt Maybe Next

April 29th 2017

MSNBC is going completely into the shitter. Nicolle Wallace, former McCain-Palin ’08 senior advisor and current NBC News political analyst will be hosting a new 4 pm weekday show on the network. And now it appears conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt may be next up for a hosting position. Hewitt, an MSNBC political analyst,...
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Chris Hayes On Trump: Lacks ‘Principles,’ ‘Not Particularly Well-Informed’

April 18th 2017

MSNBC anchor Chris Hayes stopped by the Late Show with Stephen Colbert Monday night to talk Trump and plug his new book, A Colony in a Nation. During his interview with the late night host, Hayes unloaded on Donald Trump saying that the president was “not particularly well-informed and doesn’t have any principles.” Hayes...
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Morning Joe: ‘Everyone Should Ban’ Kellyanne Conway From News Programs

March 27th 2017

MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski went after Kellyane Conway again saying that she should be blacklisted on all news programs. “I feel even more so that everyone should ban her,” Brzezinski explained to Variety. “I’m surprised that these little acrobatic games are played with her on live national television. I think it denigrates what we do....
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Rachel Maddow Released 2005 ‘Trump Tax Returns’

March 14th 2017

Donald Trump earned more than $150 million in the year 2005—and paid just a small percentage of that in regular federal income taxes. Daily Beast contributor David Cay Johnston has obtained what appear to be the first two pages of Trump’s 2005 federal income-tax return, and published an analysis of those pages on his...
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Bill Maher, Michael Moore Take On Trump’s State Of the Union’ Address

March 1st 2017

Bill Maher, Kathy Griffin, Michael Moore and Rob Reiner joined Chris Matthews for a late-night fray with a special edition of MSNBC’s Hardball that aired at midnight to take down President Donald Trump’s first address joint session of Congress. Bill Maher joked that he “loved” Trump’s speech and then told Matthews by phone, “Every...
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Mika Brzezinski: Conway Will No Longer Be Booked On ‘Morning Joe’

February 15th 2017

MSNBC’s Morning Joe Mika Brzezinski says she will no longer allow senior White House adviser Kellyanne Conway on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.” “I know for a fact she tries to book herself on this show; I won’t do it,” Brzezinski said of Conway on Wednesday morning. “I don’t believe in fake news or information that...
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Michael Moore: Trump Is The Founder Of ‘Fake News’ [VIDEO]

January 12th 2017

ON Wednesday night Michael Moore and MSNBC’s Chris Hayes discusses the Golden Showers story regarding Russia and President-elect Donald Trump, Moore said that Trump’s complaints abut the story being “fake news” were funny considering Trump “is the godfather of this decade’s fake news.” MOORE: Fake news, he’s one of the founders of in the...
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Fox News Anchor Greta Van Susteren Joins MSNBC

January 5th 2017

MSNBC said on Thursday that Fox News veteran Greta Van Susteren had joined the company and will host a new program called “For the Record”. Van Susteren hosted “On the Record with Greta Van Susteren” for 14 years at Fox News. Van Susteren is the latest high-profile exit from Fox News. Fox News anchor...
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Michael Moore 5 Point Plan For 2017 To Resist Trump [VIDEO]

December 24th 2016

Michael Moore appeared on MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell, this week to explain his five-point plan to resist Donald Trump in 2017. Moore has already made waves several times since the election, most notably with his plan to immediately have Donald Trump impeached, but he has come back to the the public with a level-headed and...
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Trump To Mika On Nukes: ‘Let It Be An Arms Race’ [VIDEO]

December 23rd 2016

MSNBC host Mika Brzezinski said Friday morning that President-elect Donald Trump told her, “Let it be an arms race. We will out-match them at every pass and out-last them all.” Trump’s comments were referring to nuclear weapons, a discussion which he revived on Thursday after he declared on Twitter that the U.S. “must greatly...
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Sanders: Carrier Just Showed Corporations How To Beat Trump [VIDEO]

December 2nd 2016

President-elect Donald Trump will reportedly announce a deal with United Technologies, the corporation that owns Carrier, that keeps less than 1,000 of the 2,100 jobs in America that were previously scheduled to be transferred to Mexico. Let’s be clear: It is not good enough to save some of these jobs. Trump made a promise...
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Michael Moore & Lawrence O’Donnell Talks Trumpland Film [VIDEO]

October 22nd 2016

Lawrence talks to Oscar-winning filmmaker Michael Moore in an exclusive interview about his new movie, “Michael Moore in Trumpland.” Lawrence also gets Moore to react to the new Clinton campaign ad featuring Khizr Khan and explain the key to winning the election
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Ben Carson: Can you turn her mic off please? Turn her mic off so I can talk

October 14th 2016

Ben Carson went off the rails Friday morning while defending the Republican presidential nominee to MSNBC’s Morning Joe. When panelist Katty Kay questioned him about whether he believes the various women who’ve accused Trump of sexual assault are “liars,” Carson demanded her microphone be shut off and blamed “you people in the media” for...
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Aleppo Moment: Johnson Can’t Name Favorite Foreign Leader [VIDEO]

September 29th 2016

Introducing a “lightning round” during Wednesday evening’s Libertarian town-hall meeting on MSNBC, host Chris Matthews said, “This is where we have fun, and maybe make some news.” Third-party candidate Gary Johnson ended up doing the latter when he was asked to name his favorite world leader and drew a complete blank. Johnson’s running mate,...
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Report: MSNBC’S Joe Scarborough Met With Donald Trump

September 20th 2016

Morning Joe hosts Joe and Mika reportedly met with Donald Trump at Trump Tower last week to repair a once good relationship that has soured as of late. Trump has recently slammed the two of them and suggested in a Twitter tirade that they were having a relationship. Scarborough did not comment on the...
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Rudy Giuliani To Chris Matthews: Trump Is No Longer a Birther [VIDEO]

September 9th 2016

Donald Trump now finally believes President Obama was born in the United States, according to prominent campaign surrogate Rudy Giuliani. Speaking Thursday evening with MSNBC’s Chris Matthews, the former New York City mayor said his friend Trump hasn’t held the “birther” position, which first made him politically famous in 2011, in several years. The...
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Gary Johnson shock “Morning Joe” hosts by asking “What is Aleppo?”

September 8th 2016

The Libertarian candidate for president apparently has not been keeping close tabs on the Syrian civil war that has decimated the country and created hundreds of thousands of refugees. “What would you do if you were elected about Aleppo?” Mike Barnicle asked Gary Johnson on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.” “About?” Johnson asked. “Aleppo,” Barnicle repeated,...
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MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski Questions Trump’s Mental Health [VIDEO]

August 29th 2016

One day after Barack Obama’s former campaign manager called Donald Trump a “psychopath,” MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski picked up the ball and ran with it, saying the GOP presidential nominee needs to see a psychiatrist for the good of the country. After guest Howard Dean, a former doctor, noted that Trump exhibited signs of classic...
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‘Morning Joe’ Defends Trump: He’s Been Victim Of Sex Harassment

May 16th 2016

MSNBC’s Joe Scar-borough defended Donald Trump ‘boorish’ behavior. After reading through NYT article about Trump’s women treatment, Scarborough said he only found two examples of bad behavior on Trump’s part. The first one was when Trump met a young beauty pageant contestant for the first time and greeted her by kissing her directly on...
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Sanders To Visit Vatican City Days Before NY Primary [VIDEO]

April 8th 2016

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders will head to Vatican City just days before the New York primary to attend a meeting on social justice and economic issues. Sanders announced Friday morning that he will attend the conference, which will be hosted by the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences on April 15. Sanders, who would...
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MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry ‘Walks Off’ Her Show

February 27th 2016

MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry is going on strike from her eponymous weekend morning talk show over what she alleges to be a loss of editorial control. In an email sent to staff this week, obtained by The New York Times, Harris-Perry said she feels “worthless” to NBC executives because of recent pre-emptions in coverage,...
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Trump Town Hall Event Tonight & Tomorrow With Anderson Cooper

February 17th 2016

CNN appointed Anderson Cooper to moderate two primetime GOP town halls in South Carolina starring all six remaining candidates. Sen. Ted Cruz (Texas), Sen. Marco Rubio (Fla.) and retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson are scheduled for Wednesday, with Trump, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and Ohio Gov. John Kasich set to appear Thursday at 8...
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Watch Donald Trump MSNBC Town Hall Host By Joe & Mika Tonight

February 17th 2016

The GOP frontrunner Donald Trump has scheduled a town hall meeting moderated by Morning Joe’s Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski as counterprogramming against CNN’s coverage of the showdown between Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio. Both events will air on Wednesday at 8 p.m.” NEWS: Joe & Mika will moderate a town hall with Donald...
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Bernie Sanders To Meet With Rev. Al Sharpton In New York [VIDEO]

February 10th 2016

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders plans to meet with the Rev. Al Sharpton over breakfast in New York City. The meeting will take place Wednesday morning at the famed Sylvia’s Restaurant in Harlem. The Vermont senator swept to victory in Tuesday’s New Hampshire primaries, gathering a majority of votes from men, independents and voters...
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