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Pakistan Blasphemy Lawyer Murdered

May 8th 2014

Gunmen on Wednesday shot and killed a prominent human rights lawyer in Pakistan for defending a professor who was accused of blasphemy. The murder of Rashid Rehman in Multan was the first time a lawyer was killed for taking on such a case. He was defending Junaid Hafeez, who was accused by student groups...
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‘Female Suicide Bomber’ hits Russia’s Volgograd train station [Video]

December 29th 2013

An explosion at a train station in the southern Russian city of Volgograd has killed at least 13 people, reports say. A female suicide bomber was thought to be responsible for the blast, Russia’s anti-terrorism committee said. A suspected female suicide bomber killed at least six people when she attacked a bus in the...
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WORLDWIDE TRAVEL ALERT Extended for a Week – US Issues Global Travel Alert Over Serious Al-Qaida Threat

August 5th 2013

WORLDWIDE ALERT – US Issues Global Travel Alert Over Critical and Serious Al-Qaida Threat The U.S. State Department has issued a global travel alert because of an unspecified al-Qaida terrorist threat. It’s been called “Specific and Detailed” by US officials. The alert comes a day after the U.S. announced that it would close its...
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