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Mexican Man Confronts Trump During Q&A: ‘Did You Read the Statue of Liberty?’

July 12th 2015

After Donald Trump spoke in the Freedom Fest in Las Vegas, a man who said he’s from Mexico confronted him during his Q&A and said he’s “incredibly insulted” by what Trump has been saying about illegal immigrants and Mexico. He told Trump he’s being unfair to paint all illegal immigrants with a broad brush,...
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Trump with Family Members of People Killed by Illegal Immigrants

July 12th 2015

Donald Trump held a press conference in Los Angeles, joined by family members of individuals killed by illegal immigrants. Trump met with them in private earlier today before holding the presser. Trump started things out by again insisting that his remarks about immigrants were absolutely on-point, saying that Mexico is deliberately sending less than...
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Bernie Sanders draws more than 7,500 people in Portland [VIDEO]

July 7th 2015

Sen. Bernie Sanders greeted a huge mass in Portland, Maine, estimated at more than 7,500 people Sen. offering his own answer Monday as to why he’s become such a draw on the presidential campaign trail. “The answer, I think, is pretty obvious,” the independent senator from Vermont told his overflow audience. “From Maine to...
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Donald Trump Deletes Retweet Slamming Jeb Bush’s Wife [VIDEO]

July 6th 2015

Donald Trump reportedly retweeted — and then deleted — a tweet suggesting that Jeb Bush “has to like the Mexican Illegals” because he is married to a Mexican woman. On the evening of July 4th, Trump’s account retweeted a post by user Rob Heilbron, who wrote “Jeb Bush has to like the Mexican Illegals...
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Stewart’s Slogan For Trump 2016: Somebody’s Doing The Raping [VIDEO]

July 3rd 2015

“It is hard to get mad at Donald Trump for saying stupid things, in the same way you don’t get mad at a monkey when he throws poop at you at the zoo,” Stewart explained. “It’s a monkey. It’s what they do. In some ways, it’s on you for watching. What does get me...
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Donald Trump Paid Actors To Cheer at Presidential Announcement [VIDEO]

June 17th 2015

Donald Trump is being accused of hiring actors to cheer for him at his 2016 presidential campaign announcement in New York City on Tuesday. The allegations first surfaced in a post by anti-Trump activist and liberal blogger Angelo Carusone that was published on Medium shortly after Trump’s event. On Wednesday, The Hollywood Reporter said...
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Donald Trump Has Announced He is Running for President [VIDEO]

June 16th 2015

‘I’m really rich’ Donald Trump proclaimed as he announced he is Running for President. The real estate mogul and reality television celebrity, announced Tuesday that he would seek the Republican presidential nomination from the eponymous Trump Tower in New York. Donald Trump claims $9 billion dollar fortune during campaign launch. “I have total net...
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Hillary Clinton To Officially Launch Presidential Campaign Today LIVE

June 13th 2015

Hillary Clinton plans to officially launch her campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination in New York City midday on June 13th, followed that evening by an organizing meeting with activists in the early caucus state of Iowa. THIS IS A LIVE EVENT – You can watch the live stream here: LIVE STREAM Clinton is...
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Morning Joe: Clinton Confronts GOP Rivals By Name On Voting Rights [VIDEO]

June 5th 2015

Hillary Clinton accused four potential GOP presidential rivals by name of being “scared of letting citizens have their say” as she called Thursday for every American to automatically be registered to vote. Clinton told an audience at the historically black Texas Southern University that she supports the concept of signing every American up to...
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Under Indictment, Rick Perry Announces His Losing 2016 Run [VIDEO]

June 4th 2015

Former Texas Governor Rick Perry announced his 2016 presidential campaign on his website Thursday morning, hours before a planned kickoff event in Dallas. “I am running for president because I know our country’s best days are ahead of us,” the site reads. His 2012 campaign was promising, but derailed by a fatal mistake in...
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Stewart: Lindsey Graham Enters the Presidential Race [VIDEO]

June 2nd 2015

Jon Stewart tears down Senator Lindsey Graham who announces he is running for president in Central, South Carolina. Graham will become the ninth Republican to enter the 2016 presidential race.
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George Pataki announces run for 2016 GOP presidential nomination

May 28th 2015

Former New York governor George Pataki confirmed early Thursday that he would seek the 2016 Republican nomination for president in a video posted on his campaign’s website.
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Bernie Sanders Launches Presidential Campaign [FULL SPEECH VIDEO]

May 27th 2015

Senator Bernie Sanders began his 2016 presidential campaign Tuesday, holding his launch event in his hometown of Burlington, Vermont. Sanders heralded the event as the beginning of “a political revolution” and a transformation of the country economically, politically, socially and environmentally.
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Hillary Clinton Book Expected In 2014

April 4th 2013
Poll: Hillary Would Win New Hampshire

Former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton has a book deal. She is working on a memoir and policy book about her years as secretary of state, Simon & Schuster told The Associated Press. The book has yet to be titled and is tentatively scheduled for June 2014. Financial terms were not disclosed. Clinton...
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