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Like Live News CLoud? Consider whitelisting Live News Chat with an Ad Blocker

Dear Live News Cloud Users,

Ad Blockers prevent you from seeing advertising on the web, but they also hamper our ability to provide the type of news streams you’ve come to know and love. To fund that content we rely heavily on money generated by advertising.

We encourage you to whitelist livenewschat.eu so that we can continue delivering the best content from the most trusted news sources.

Here’s how to add a website to AdBlock Plus’s whitelist.

1. Click Icon to the right of your address bar, you will see a stop sign-shaped icon.
2. You will see a drop-down menu. Click “Don’t run on pages on this domain”

3. Optionally you can manage the whitelisted domains in the options menu:
Adding to Whitelisted Domains: You will see a small text box and a larger text box below it. Type the website you wish to have whitelisted into the small text box and then click “Add Domain.” The chosen site will now be unaffected by the Ad Blocker.

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