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Occupy Activists Work to Enforce Volcker Rule

Occupy Wall Street camps have grown smaller as the winter has set in. They’re nearly abandoned at night as people retreat into their warm homes to sleep in their warm beds. General Assembly still has, in many locations, reasonable attendance, though certainly not to the same degree as it had in warmer weather. Many of the camps have been disbanded altogether due to local law enforcement – in fact, we are very lucky in New Haven to have such a cooperative police force such that we can remain assembled despite the weather and perhaps a decrease in morale. In many cases, the people that are left at the formerly occupied sites are the extremists and the homeless, leaving the almost completely abandoned camps a bleak sight.

Just as the movement was beginning to garner the respect and recognition needed to elicit real change, participation foundered due to weather and weariness, and in many places increasing police involvement (again, less so here in New Haven). Much of the respect and positive attention the Occupy movement had been receiving has decreased considerably.

Source: HgTransEcon


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