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Ron Paul Says Tornado Victims Should Fend For Themselves (VIDEO)

Earlier this weekend, tornadoes tore through the midwest and south, wiping out whole towns and killing dozens of people across ten states, leaving many grief-stricken people without homes. One thing these poor people need is help, but Republican Presidential candidate Ron Paul thinks they should have to fend for themselves. During an interview on CNN’s “State of the Union,” on Sunday, Paul said that the victims of these tornadoes should not receive any sort of government aid.

Candy Crowley: “Let me turn you to a domestic issue. I’m sure you know that tornadoes have hit a wide swath of states, particularly in the Midwest, about 10 states. The damage is enormous.

You have frequently been critical of FEMA, the Federal Emergency Management Agency and the federal money that is given to some of these home owners and those that are also — other victims of storms like this. Is there a role for federal money in helping all of these citizens get their lives back together?”

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