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CNN Contributor Dana Loesch Says Women Who Support Democrats ‘Get Raped’ (VIDEO)

CNN Contributor Dana Loesch Says Women Who Support Democrats ‘Get Raped’ (VIDEO)

Remember how Republicans piled on the outrage when Hillary Rosen accurately pointed out that Ann Romney doesn’t understand what it’s like to be a working mother because she has never had a job? Well, I wonder if they’ll be equally outraged at CNN contributor Dana Loesch for remarks she made at a Tea Party Tax Day rally in Chicago, Illinois on Tuesday.

During her turn to speak, Loesch claimed that women who support Democrats and Occupy Wall Street “get raped.”

“What did women receive for supporting the left? You’ve seen it here with your Occupy movement, haven’t you? They get raped. This man [Andrew Breitbart] on my shirt had a message that I think needs to be reiterated since it keeps happening. Stop raping people! Behave yourselves!””

After her speech, Loesch said that although she doesn’t know the purpose of the Occupy Movement, she knows it’s about “vandalism and rape.”

Here’s the video:

I know conservatives are desperate to close the gender gap they are currently facing, but I didn’t think that they were willing to go to this extreme. Loesch, the same women who said it’s okay for American soldiers to urinate on the corpses of dead enemy combatants, is now insisting that when women support liberals or liberal causes they get raped. That’s an outrageous claim that once again shows how much disdain Republicans have for women, especially the women who are overwhelmingly supporting Democrats by a 19 point margin. Republicans across the country should be shown this video and asked if they support what Loesch is claiming. Even Mitt and Ann Romney should be asked about it, considering how much outraged they expressed towards Rosen’s comment. Will Ann Romney denounce Loesch’s claim, or will she call it a gift? Will Mitt Romney denounce it, or will he flip flop on his answer a dozen times? This claim by Loesch is clearly a scare tactic being employed as a desperate attempt to bring more women to the Republican Party, but this comment could do quite the opposite. Republicans now have a lot to answer for if they allow this claim to go unchallenged, especially since the claim is false by all standards. Any woman, whether Democrat or Republican, can be raped. Rapists are not choosy about a victim’s political views. That’s what makes Loesch’s argument to ridiculous. This claim by Loesch should receive far more media coverage than anything Hillary Rosen said last week, and if CNN has any dignity as a news outlet it will fire Loesch effective immediately for conduct unbecoming a woman and a human being.

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