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Coca-Cola Withdraws From ALEC Due To Pressure From Progressives (Petition Included)

Coca-Cola Withdraws From ALEC Due To Pressure From Progressives (Petition Included)

The American Legislative Exchange Council is a Koch brothers funded conservative organization that allows corporations to pay a significant price for the opportunity to meet legislators across the country and draft model legislation that benefits corporate America and the right wing agenda. But what began as an organization to pass business friendly legislation has grown into a group that plans a hostile right wing takeover of the United States. In that effort, ALEC has drafted bills to kill voting rights, bills that expand access to guns, bills that give people the right to kill others and claim self-defense, bills that restrict health care, bills that allow industry to poison and pollute the environment, bills that massively cut taxes for the wealthy and for corporations at the expense of the middle class, and bills that attack everyone from ethnic minorities to women to homosexuals and bills that chip away at civil liberties. According to the Center for American Progress:

“ALEC charges corporations such as Koch Industries Inc., Wal-Mart Stores Inc., and The Coca-Cola Co. a fee and gives them access to members of state legislatures. Under ALEC’s auspices, legislators, corporate representatives, and ALEC officials work together to draft model legislation. As ALEC spokesperson Michael Bowman told NPR, this system is especially effective because “you have legislators who will ask questions much more freely at our meetings because they are not under the eyes of the press, the eyes of the voter.”

To put it bluntly, ALEC is a dangerous pay to play program where the rich secretly conspire to control America and enslave its people. But thanks to a progressive campaign to pressure corporations to pull out of ALEC, at least one corporation has decided to withdraw from the membership.

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