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Mitt Romney Says His ‘Real Position’ On Women’s Issues Will Be Revealed During The General Election (VIDEO)

Mitt Romney Says His ‘Real Position’ On Women’s Issues Will Be Revealed During The General Election (VIDEO)

Mitt ‘The Flipper’ Romney just can’t stop himself from changing positions faster and more often than porn stars. On virtually every issue, Romney has flip-flopped his stance more than once, sometimes within days or even hours after first taking a position. To pander to the conservative base, Mitt Romney has claimed to support the extreme right-wing position on nearly every issue and when he is caught taking a stance they don’t like, Romney is quick to recant and adopt one they do.

On the issue of women’s health, Romney has years of flip-flopping under his belt. During his run for Governor of Massachusetts, Romney sought the endorsement of Planned Parenthood and other women’s health organizations. He was pro-choice and pro-birth control. But those positions began to change as soon as he started running for President. Each election, Romney has gone more and more extreme to please the right-wing base. In fact, Romney has moved so far to the right, that he now wants to deny women access to contraception, ban abortions, and get rid of Planned Parenthood. But during an interview with Newsmax on Wednesday, Romney admitted that he would flip-flop on women’s issues again, saying that we would all see his “real position” during the General Election.

”But there’s no question that over the past several weeks, that a discussion about religious liberty was distorted into a discussion about contraceptives. And there was the somehow Republicans are opposed to contraceptives. I think it was most unfortunate twist by our Democrat friends. I think this will pass as an issue as people understand our real position.

I, for instance, have made it clear that I do not oppose contraceptives. But the women that I speak with, and the women that my wife speaks with, tell her that their number one issue is the economy.”

Here’s the video:

Romney’s admission that he will indeed flip flop once again comes only two days after Robert Ehrlich told CNN that Romney’s “real views” will surface after he wins the Republican nomination.

Who the hell in their right mind would vote for this guy? I’m even talking to conservatives out there. Why would you vote for a guy who just admitted that he will abandon your stances on the issues as soon as it suits him? It seems to me that Romney not only just admitted that he doesn’t share the conservative view on women, he admitted that he’s been lying about being a true conservative this whole time. How can conservatives vote for a man who could turn into a liberal right after he has no more need for the right wing base? It just seems like a mass betrayal of conservative values to vote for Romney. On the other hand, if Romney is telling the truth about his extreme conservative views on women and women’s health, then he just lied to the American electorate as a whole by saying his real views will be revealed soon. In my opinion, that should make Romney unelectable. He has no real values, and his flip flopping makes him entirely untrustworthy.

Clearly, Romney is trying to stop the mass exodus of women from the Republican Party over the last couple months over the GOP war on women. Of course Romney claims that this whole war against birth control and abortion, issues that directly affect women, isn’t about women but the religious freedom of people who don’t get abortions or use contraception. Somehow, women making their own choices and insurance companies being required to cover women’s health services violate the religious freedom of people who don’t use these services. So their solution is to violate the beliefs of those who use them. Notice how the only people attacking these services are mostly male, like Romney. Make no mistake, there is indeed a war on women and Republicans are the ones waging it.

If Mitt Romney flip flops on women’s health during the General Election, he will alienate his Republican base and will cause even more right wing voters to become less enthusiastic about voting for him in November. Those voters are more likely to stay home on Election Day. Romney would also turn off independents and Democrats even more because of his constant flip flopping. And if Romney doesn’t flip flop his views, he will still turn off independents and may turn off moderate Republicans as well as cause more Democratic voters to become more enthusiastic about getting to the polls to vote against his extreme policy. In the end, Romney is stuck between a rock and a hard place, and the real winner in all of this will be President Obama, the only man who gives a damn about women and is willing to stand firmly in their corner no matter what.

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