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Mitt Romney Promises 6% Unemployment Rate After Saying Anything Above 4% Is Bad

Mitt Romney Promises 6% Unemployment Rate After Saying Anything Above 4% Is Bad

Mitt Romney has been consistent only in the way he’s flip-flopped his way through his campaign for the Presidency. And he did it again yesterday regarding the nation’s unemployment rate.

At the beginning of May, Romney told a crowd in Pittsburgh that an unemployment rate over 4% is too high. Romney was responding to an economic report showing that the unemployment rate had dropped to 8.1%.

“Just this morning there was some news that came across the wire that said that the unemployment rate has dropped to 8.1%,” Romney said. “And normally, that would be cause for celebration, but, in fact, anything over 8%… anything near 8%…anything over 4% is not a cause for celebration.”

Here’s the video of the flip:Romney couldn’t even hold that position for a full month, because on Wednesday, during an interview with Mark Halperin of Time magazine, Romney said that he would get unemployment down to 6% by the end of 2016.

“I can’t precisely predict what the unemployment rate will be at the end of one year. I can tell you that over period of four years by virtue of the policies we put in place, we will get the unemployment rate down to 6 percent and perhaps a little lower.”

And here’s the video of the flop:

So Romney says he’ll get the unemployment rate down to 6%, which last time I checked is worse than 4%.

Romney’s prediction of his own performance also happens to correspond to economic reports that predict an unemployment rate of around 6% by 2016. That’s assuming the current economic upturn continues no matter who is President after 2012. Romney is basically admitting that he can’t get the unemployment rate down to 4% which means he lied when he made the claim in the first place. My question is why hasn’t the American people seen Romney for the huckster he is.

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