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Colbert Mocks Mitt The Flipper’s Obsession With ‘Sport’ Called ‘Horse Ballet’ (VIDEO)

Colbert Mocks Mitt The Flipper’s Obsession With ‘Sport’ Called ‘Horse Ballet’ (VIDEO)

Are you an American who loves sports? So am I. Like the average American sports fan, I enjoy watching baseball, basketball, and football, and understand them. Were it not for what I consider to be the absolute importance of following politics, I’d probably write about sports instead. But as luck would have it, both worlds combined in a hilarious segment on The Colbert Report on Tuesday night.

During the segment, Colbert mocked Mitt Romney for trying and failing to relate to sports fans.

“We all see the news,” Colbert began. “Last week’s jobs report was miserable. The economy is not getting any better. Our relationship with nuclear Pakistan has never been more tense, and Europe is on the verge of collapse. And you know what that means, things are looking up for Mitt Romney.”

After that jab at Romney, Colbert introduced us to Rafalca, the Romney co-owned horse that is apparently going to be in the Summer Olympic Games after placing third, in what is known as “horse ballet.”

“And folks, the old Romney luck continues. The Romney’s horse might go to the Olympics, though one would imagine it’s going to be a long drive to London on top of their station wagon.”

The Romney horse came in third at the US Equestrian Federation National Dressage Championships in New Jersey, “as if you don’t know from your equestrian fantasy league.”

Colbert pointed out that Romney is just trying to relate to the average Joe by talking about “sport,” and played a clip of Romney talking about meeting a 7 foot tall man who surprisingly wasn’t in “sport.”

“The tall man was not in sport,” Colbert said with a grin. “Neither bounce-ball nor oblong leather zeppelin toss.”

Colbert then showed clips of the “sport” known as “horse ballet” and mocked Romney’s lame attempt to connect with average Americans, telling kids that they should “run out and get yourself a $100,000 Hanoverian” and compete in sport, after which Colbert sang the “horse ballet” version of ‘Take Me Out To The Ballgame’.

Here’s the video:

Clearly, Colbert is pointing out the fact that most Americans can’t afford to buy a horse to compete in equestrian events. He is also mocking Romney’s wealth and out of touch awkwardness. Later on in the segment, Colbert played a clip of Romney accusing President Obama of being out of touch and ripped him apart for it.

“Well said. Obama is totally out of touch. Romney then flew off in his private jet to watch Rafalca compete in the National Dressage Championships.”

A knockout blow if you ask me. Colbert wins. Flawless victory.

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